Best Dive Sites in Hawaii – Top Places To Take The Plunge

Diving Kealakekua Bay Hawaii

Our Guide To The Top Scuba Sites in the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii is a diver’s ultimate dream come true. From the Big Island to Oahu, Maui, Molokai and Kauai, meet a group of exquisite and beautifully-lush islands with no requirement of a passport to travel to for US citizens.  With a perfect geographical location of 2500 miles from the closest continental landmass, it is one of the world’s most remote Archipelagos. This isolation from the rest of the world could only mean one thing: you get to share the sea with endemic and rare species.

Some of the top scuba sites you will not want to miss out in your scuba trip include:

Honaunau Bay / Two-steps, Hawaii’s Big Island

Hawaii Scuba Diving with Turtle

It is located close to the Historic Park of Honaunau, a park that offers intimacy with the Hawaiian culture. The south side of Kona is covered by the Mauna Loa Mountains, which makes the waters of southwest Big Island clear and calm, any scuba diver’s dream. The ‘Two-Steps’ spot is a great entry point for divers.  Neatly worn out volcanic rock on the shoreline provides a convenient two steps entry into the water. At this scenic bay, get in touch with the green sea turtles of the Hawaiian waters and abundant fish in these warm waters.

Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii’s Big Island

Diving Kealakekua Bay Hawaii

Just 40 minutes away from Kailua in Kona is this historic bay of Kealakekua. The bay is shielded by cliffs, making the waters calm with marine life. Also, close to the bay, you have a choice to kayak to Captain James Cook seaside memorial, a place of more diving and snorkeling sites.

Hanauma Bay, Oahu

Hanauma Bay Oahu Hawaii

It is located on Oahu’s most south eastern tip and it is the island most popular snorkeling site. Hanauma bay is easily accessible, very family-friendly and the exquisite thing about this bay is that you get to enjoy clear waters with plenty of reefs and colour fish. Being a first in Hawaii’s marine life conservation District, there is an emphasis to help in conservation of this delicate ecosystem. The park is usually closed on Tuesdays.

Hulopoe Bay, Lanai

Scuba Diving Lanai

Once named as America’s best beach, Hulopoe bay boasts a beautiful secluded beach covered with idyllic golden sands’ that will leave an impression lingering in your memory. It’s a great site for a family picnic after enjoying your time diving at the beautiful tide pools with a scenic view of the bay. Hulopoe bay is found on the southern coast of Lanai.

Kee Beach, Kauai

Ke'e Beach Kauai

Found towards the end of the North Kauai road, this scenic beach draws its popularity from features such as the protected lagoon, with calm waters perfect for diving over summer, which are calm. It also has myriad offshore reefs, a great endeavour for the experienced scuba diver. Waters here are rather rough and dangerous during the winter.

Also, the poplar Kalalau hiking trail toward the Napali Coast begins towards the west of this beach. A good hiking trip would be great after a day of diving. Near the east, Makua / Tunnels Beach is a less crowded alternative to Kee and is an exceptional site for diving and snorkeling during summer. There are also many other beaches and bays to explore.

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