10 Magnificent Healing Hot Springs and Waterfalls of the Philippines

Hidden Valley Spring

The Philippines are truly the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ with hundreds of bodies of water within the archipelago. Hot springs and waterfalls are just two of the frequently visited spots in the country. Here  you’ll find a centuries-old concept of hydrotherapy and the healing powers of hot springs. The majority of the locals strongly believe that hot springs have therapeutic abilities, and we have to agree. The soothing sound of waterfalls, too, can calm the senses.

Below are some of the most famous and truly beautiful hot springs and waterfalls well worth a visit.

1) Tangub Hot Spring in Camiguin


Located at Naasag, Mambajao, Tangub Hot Spring is one among the many volcanic hot springs in the country. The water temperature changes along with the tidal changes – from chilly cold to lukewarm, warm or hot. In some instances, the water at the center of the pool is warm while the surrounding is lukewarm as the cold sea water combines with the hot spring water. Tangub is just 12 kilometers west from the capital town.

2) Malumpati Cold Springs in Antique

Malumpati Cold Springs

A visit at Pandan, Antique is never complete without visiting Malumpati Cold Springs. It is dubbed as the health spring with the locals believing that swimming on cold spring water is therapeutic especially for the old folks. The spring is one gigantic man-made pool lined by picnic huts on both sides. After swimming, guests are welcome to do some bamboo rafting. It only takes a 15-minute tricycle ride from the town proper of Pandan.

3) Hidden Valley Spring in Laguna

Hidden Valley Spring

A first-rate spring resort in Alaminos, it will take a 40-minute walk before you can see the hidden falls of Hidden Valley Spring. Inside, however, is a tropical rainforest paradise as it is surrounded by hundreds of centuries-old trees; the oldest being 300 years old. Aside from the six pools with running water from Mt. Makiling, Hidden Valley also has a basketball court, a billiards area and mini golf course. What’s amazing about it is the combination of hot and cold water – hot from your knees down and cold from the shoulders up. Alaminos is 63 kilometers away from the south of Manila.

4) Asin Hot Springs in Benguet


Baguio City has the coolest temperature throughout the year. To escape the cold climate in Baguio, locals and guests ho to Asin Hot Springs in Itogon, Benguet. Asin Hot Springs may lack the facilities that guests look for in a hot spring resort as it only has kiddie and adult pools. There are also a mini waterfall, a small bridge and cottages. However, the view of the lush greenery around will compensate. Itogon is just 30 minutes of a jeepney ride away from Baguio Center Mall.

5) Tiwi Hot Springs in Albay

Tiwi Hot Springs

The Bicol region is known for its volcanoes, with Mt. Mayon as the most popular one. Due to the volcano, there are several hot springs around such as in Tiwi and Manito. The Tiwi Hot Springs are more thermally active than hot springs in Manito. At times, the water gets hot enough to boil an egg. Tiwi is one-hour ride away from the town proper of Naga.

6) Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna

Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna

Pagsanjan Falls, one of the tourist attractions in Laguna Philippines, but it is not actually located in Pagsanjan but in Cavinti, an adjacent town. Locally known as the Magdapio Falls, going there means a 30-minute to an hour of boat ride, depending on the current and water levels. Tourists have to pass through huge trees, bushes and vines and local wildlife as well as the 14 rapids that Pagsanjan Falls is most known for. Access is through Pagsanjan although adventurers can hike from Cavinti to Pagsanjan Falls.

7) Tinuy-an Falls in Surigao del Sur

Tinuy-an Falls

Found in Bislig City, Tinuy-An Falls is dubbed as Little Niagara and the 10th tallest waterfall in the Philippines. The three cascading waterfalls are like flow-y white curtains from afar. Nonetheless, the waters below are so cold which makes it suitable for day swimming. Visitors can also do rafting. There are also function hall, picnic ground and playground. Tinuy-an Falls is 6-hours trip from Davao City. Make sure to go there in the morning, so you can witness the occurrence of the rainbow between 9 and 11 am.

8) Mantayupan Falls in Cebu

Mantayupan Falls

Mantayupan Falls is situated in Barili, which is a 2 to 2 ½ hours ride from Cebu City. Mantayupan has two levels. In the first level, you will see the 14-meter falls and the 98-meter falls in the second level. Guests had to pass through a paved walkway and a metal bridge and down the paved stairs to get to the 2nd level. Mantayupan Falls has a canteen inside although you may want to buy yummy foods in Carcar on your way to Barili.

9) Alalum Falls in Bukidnon

Alalum Falls

Located in Sumilao, Alalum Falls is a horsetail type waterfall. Alalum Falls can be seen Sayre Highway (there’s a viewing area on the street), the main road connecting Davao and Northern Mindanao. Going to the falls, visitors need to pass through a concrete stairway. It is only a 1 ½ ride away from the town proper of Bukidnon. Anyhow, most transits pass through the highway.

10) Sungkilaw Falls in Zamboanga del Norte

Sungkilaw Falls in Zamboanga del Norte

One famous spot that Dipolog City is very proud of is its Sungkilaw Falls. Subanens, the native people in Dipolog, maintain and protect the falls. There are paved 400-steps staircase leading to the Y-trail and a lush garden along the way downward can be seen. Going left to the trail, you will be led to the viewing deck. Going right leads directly to the basin. Dipolog City is the gateway province of Zamboanga where the airport is found. From the airport, it will take only an hour or two to get to Sungkilaw Falls through a habal-habal (motorcycle) ride.

There are hundreds of waterfalls and hot springs in the Philippines it will take you years to visit each. Nonetheless, you can start your journey with the first 10 listed above.

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