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10 Oct

Where Is The Best Place In The World To Be Today?

This compelling question tickles our imagination and is the basis of a terrific new book published by Lonely Planet: The BEST Place To Be Today, 365 Things To Do & The Perfect Day To Do Them.  The premise of this entertaining guide is to provide interesting and unique places you should consider traveling to – on the very best day to visit that particular spot.  With something intriguing to do on every day of the year in 2015, this book makes it on our list of great Christmas presents for your favorite travel enthusiast.

The Best Place To Be Today

So what’s the first day you would look up?  Your birthday, anniversary, or perhaps that cold mid-winter week that you always hit the wall and want to escape to someplace exciting and warm.  Maybe you want to tick off a bucket-list trip this year and need to know the perfect time to visit the Galapagos, hike the Inca Trail, or party in Ibiza.

This is your source for quickly finding mind-blowing wildlife experiences like the Monarch butterfly migration in Mexico in February, the great gathering of giraffes in Zambia in May, when to see migrating wildebeest cross croc infested rivers.

Going to the Caribbean?  Perhaps you should time your trip to catch the coral spawning on island reefs or dance the night away at Junkanoo in the Bahamas, or dance at Crop-Over in Barbados.

And then there are those iconic world festivals that you need to experience once in your life; Oktoberfest, Tamatina, Holi, Cannes Film Festival, Running With The Bulls – they are all here with exact dates for the next few years.

How about some new-found adventures?  There’s river tubing in Belize, fireworks over the Venice canals, camel flights in Turkey, swim with whale sharks in the Phillipines, or kayak with killer whales off British Columbia.

Or on the tamer side you’ll find food festivals like the celebration of all things lemon in Menton, France, the Oyster Fest in Ireland, or immerse yourself in the chocolate fest in Switzerland.

Whatever your interest are, you’ll find lots of inspiration in The Best Places To Be Today.  Now let me see when should I book my trip to Costa Rica to witness 200,000 turtles head in from the sea to lay their eggs?  Yup here it is, page 206 – just about this time next year!