London’s Best Budget Hotels For An Affordable London Stay

Base 2 Stay Budget Hotel London

London’s Best Budget Hotels

London attracts millions of visitors from across the world each year. To meet the demand there are about 9,000 plus hotels in the Central London alone, but alas, the city has a reputation for being quite expensive.  So where can a budget traveller turn for reasonable accommodations in this vibrant city?

For those visiting London on a budget, one good option is to stay in a short-term serviced apartment.  For others looking for a traditional hotel experience that won’t break the bank, London has a growing number of trendy hotels that provide a clean, nicely decorated room and a good breakfast for economical prices.

Here’s a look a some of London’s Best Budget Hotels:

Tune Hotels:

Tune Budget Hotels London

Tune Hotels have three hotels in central London. The locations include Westminster and Paddington. The motto is “5-star beds at 1-star prices” aimed at the savvy guest who offer the best value for money whether they are leisure or business travelers. Online booking is possible; a room for £25-35 a night or at £9 a night during special offers makes no surprise.


Qbic is on The City. With 171-rooms the hotel promises cleanliness, a comfortable bed, a great shower, soundless bedrooms, and free WiFi.

Pavilion Hotel: The Pavilion Hotel is like a film set than a standard hotel. The and well-priced rooms starting from £60 per night.

Church Street Hotel:

Church Street Budget Hotel London

Church Street Hotel is a boutique hotel in south London. Call it a Spanish Americana oasis with alcoves and religious artifacts.

Umi London:

Umi Budget Hotel London

Umi London is a new concept with a service-led attitude associated with 5 star hotels. It has a 3 star and a cut above others in the area. Umi takes up 6 houses on a quiet square overlooking a private garden.

Easy Hotel: Easy Hotel has many branches in central London. The orange coloured rooms are small and super cheap. Those not planning too much time in the room, can try this.

Tavistock Hotel:

Travistock Budget Hotel London

Tavistock Hotel is a great location at Bloomsbury is. With an art deco entrance and 340 rooms, some of it overlooks private gardens. The ground floor has a bar and affordable restaurant. Free Wifi is available in the lobby.

Travelodge: Here a room will come as low as £19 per night. It can be booked up to 12 months in advance. It has 15 chain hotels in London, with more all the time. The hotel rooms are clean and have a king-sized bed, en-suite bathroom, color TV and coffee-making facilities.

Yotel at Heathrow: Yotel is the newest economical concept in hotels just like studio apartments. Here a unit of premium hotel cabin with a workstation, backed by a comfortable desk and bathroom at the backend will be on offer. This concept justifies the optimum use of space and hi-tech amenities at a throw away price. In London Yotel can be experienced at Heathrow. They can be booked from hundreds of hotel booking sites. The only handicap in this concept is the absence of a bar or restaurant in the unit. But that turns into a plus point also , the room rates stay low.

Base2stay in Kensington:

Base 2 Stay Budget Hotel London

This one is a value for money concept, thought not a cheaper one. It is been ranked as the top 20 London hotels on TripAdvisor. It can be booked from hotel booking sites.

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