Mucha Marcha Madrid – Where To Find The Best Nightlife in Madrid Spain

Madrid Nightlife

The nightlife in Madrid is never dull, it’s one of the world’s favorite cities for a great night on the town.  Here’s a look at the top spots for memorable Madrid night life!

Madrid Nightlife

Madrid, the grand city of luxurious architecture, fine hotels and fancy restaurants has a lot to offer for tourists who want to play at night as well as during the day. There are places that literally never close and others that keep the party going until 2:30 a.m.  Nightlife in Madrid can be characterized by a single phrase – “Mucha Marcha” which translates as “a lot of action”. Madrillenos explain it as there is too much see and to much to do, so sleeping is not an option.

So, if you are lucky enough to spend a few nights in Madrid, the best place to go would be the Chueca district.  But before you dig into the wild adventures awaiting in Madrid, I recommend that you follow these simple “madrilleno’s rules”.

  • Drink before. If you are travelling on a budget, the best advice would be to drink some “calimoche” before you go out. Calimoche is a special Spanish drink (wine and cola) that makes you tipsy but gives you energy too.
  • Visit tapas bars. It is an well-known tradition to start your night at one of the countless tapas bars in Madrid. These places look as tiny cafes where you can try delicious tapas with sea products, meat and spicy sauces. At the same tapas bars you can drink a glass of beer or even two.
  • Walk on Puerta del Sol & Plaza Mayor. Both squares are extremely beautiful and really vivid during the evening. There you can catch a late flamenco show, watch football with energetic soccer fans and make great pictures next to the beautiful Madrid fountains.
  • Follow precaution rules. Spanish capital is a magical city but you should keep in mind that it is a big city with a lot of different people, so before you lose yourself in Spanish dances take care of your documents. Do not take passport with you, driver’s license is enough to enter any nightclub, set up any mobile tracking device, this way you will be able to find it later by GPS or call/text tracking.


Now when you are prepared, it is high time to go to Chueca. Chueca is a gay district, which is competing with Barcelona to be the center of gay culture in Spain. The district dates back to the 1980s anti-movement. Since then, this place has been the party center for both Madrid citizens and foreigners. Besides countless gay clubs, the district boasts dancing places that present a wild array of music options. The atmosphere in the district is absolutely fantastic, people of all ages, races and sexual preferences dancing and drinking side by side.

Chueeca Madrid

The most popular type of music in the area is electro music, pretty much as everywhere in Europe. If you see acid colors and 2-4 floors buildings with hundreds of people in line – that maybe one of the famous Madrid nightclubs. Must visit nightclubs are “Alegoria”, “Velvet” and “El Sol”.  Keep in mind that most nightclubs require an entrance fee and have strict face control. So, if you are thinking of going to “Alegoria”, for example, make sure you are nicely dressed. Remember that security reserves the right to decline you without any explanation. If so, don’t worry, you are in Chueca, there are tons of other places you can go to.


This is a nice alternative to groovy Chueca. Lavapies is a melting pot of cuisines presented in the district’s restaurants. It is notable that there are streets that have nothing but pubs and discos lining them. Another interesting suggestion would be to visit some of the all-night art galleries at Lavapies.


Those who belong to the younger generation of college students will find the Arguelles district very inviting. This place is usually booked with college and high school students. There are many cafes, pizzerias, pubs with live music and nightclubs that line the street.

Cultural nightlife in Madrid

Flamenco in Madrid Spain

If you are not into nightclubs and loud music, you will not be disappointed,  Madrid has lots of cultural entertainment that will interest you. First and most important is “National Teatro Madrid”, where you can watch world famous “Phantom of the Opera” and “Cats”. The second best night entertainment is Flamenco, the dance of passion and love. This dance is performed almost everywhere in the city, starting with luxurious restaurants and ending with street performances in the main street “Gran Via”.

Romantic evenings in Madrid

There are many places for a romantic evening in Madrid. Check out the little cafes in the central squares or book a table at one of the Madrid restaurants like “La Trocha” to try delicious Spanish food. If restaurants are not on your list of entertainment, visit “Café Central” where you can order simple food and enjoy live music. Alternatively, try something different and follow Spanish tradition of spending a romantic evening in one of the Madrid parks. “Park Retiro” will be a perfect place for a hot summer night, you and your best half will enjoy romantic scenery of fountains, green alleys and beautiful lakes.

As you hopefully now see, there are many options for a great night in Spanish capital, now it is up to you which one to choose.

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