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13 Nov

5 Ways To Be A Kid Again In Orlando

Let’s face it, adults have it hard these days. Don’t you regret wishing you were older when you were younger? Missing all those naps, the recess periods were stolen from you long ago, and the satisfaction of getting your fingers in paint. Those were the days. Don’t say goodbye to them yet though, if you’re around the Orlando area, and are fed up with being an adult, just check any of these five spots out where you can become a kid again.

Paint and Wine

Everyone remembers painting something as a child, and they all loved it too. You used to mix the colors and even dabble in finger painting here and there. How can anyone not like painting? It’s an expressive art no matter how old you are. Painting-With-A-Twist offers a place where adults can have fun making pieces of art. With a bit of guidance and your paintbrush, you will be returning home with a masterpiece. Oh, did we mention there’s wine? Yes, that’s actually the twist. Have a glass or three and paint your heart out.

Wild Rides

SeaWorld Ride

Maybe you have kids already, so you will surely end up here at some point, but if you don’t, listen up. Theme parks are great spots for adults as well. They don’t care how old you are, and it’s unlikely you will see anyone you know, so it’s totally cool. Orlando is known for its theme parks, so you have an array of choices. Be in the movies by getting discount Universal Studios tickets, which are often combined with Islands of Adventure, a haven for thrilling rides and action-packed shows. Who says Disney is just for kids? Make you way around the world at Epcot, better yet, catch the Food and Wine Festival’s yearly event there.

Park It

The park is a place for kids to run around and get tired so the parents might have a chance of peace and quiet later in the day or evening. Public parks are also a place for everyone – adults too. Bring a football, get on the swings (don’t take one from a kid though), get out there and have fun in the park. Lake Eola Park is a fine choice, where you can rent a swan-shaped paddle boat and explore the lake, but there are plenty of parks to choose from in Orlando. Make it more adult with a picnic for two.

Movies Under the Stars

Go see a movie. You can be boring, and see it the typical way, or go to a special movie night in the park. Take a hot date, they will appreciate the originality, or get a bunch of friends to go. There are a few different spots to head to for a huge screen in the great outdoors. On the second Thursday of each month, Winter Park hosts a free movie in the park, and Leu Gardens hosts a movie night on the first Friday for a small fee.

Camping, Sports ‘n Stuff

Let’s take you to another park, but this one is a bit different. Here, it’s time to bust out the camping gear and get ready to be in nature. Camping is made more fun with a plethora of activities, and Kelly Park has exactly that. Take a canoe down the river, or better yet, in true kid style, just go tubing. Kayaking, hiking and biking are are few more ways you could channel all that youthful energy.

Photo Source:  Google Commons