3 Caribbean Islands You Should Get To Know Better

Barbados Bottom Bay Beach

Get to Know These 3 Caribbean Gems For A Fascinating Island Vacation

Beaches, crashing waves, and beautiful people in bikinis are just a few of the things that pop in people’s minds when thinking of islands in the Caribbean. While these islands can certainly serve up some of the best island relaxation and tropical attractions, how about getting to know some these islands a bit more than what’s on the surface? What are islands known for? Do they have something unique about them? What’s a random fact about the idyllic dot of land in the middle of the Caribbean? Well, you can find out first hand with a Luxury Travel with Elegant Resorts. Book yourself a place on one of these islands and take your new found knowledge with you. Here are a few tantalizing bits of information to get to know the islands of Granada, Bermuda, and Barbados a little more.


Barbados Bottom Bay Beach

While on this tropical paradise, you are nearly guaranteed tons of sunshine. The average amount of sunshine per year here is over 3,000 hours and the temperature ranges from 28 or 31 degrees Celsius, so slapping on that sunscreen might be a good idea. Also, leave the rain jackets and jean pants at home.

After you’re done sunning your buns under the sun all day, try sipping on the world’s oldest rum that’s produce by Mount Gay label. If you’re at a chill outside beach bar, you might be sipping your rum concoction to the sounds of the whistling frog. They are unique in that they do not have tadpoles like normal frogs, but live young frogs.

Speaking of animals, you will surely see a few mongooses scampering about. They were originally brought to the island to help diminish the rat population, but considering the rats are nocturnal, they never got the chance to meet up with their would-be predator.



Although you may think of this as a solitary island, it’s actually an archipelago. It’s formed by a volcano that was once completely submerged under the ocean.

The island is known for its sunny pink sand beaches, but once your eyes catch a glimpse of the sand, they will tell you it’s more of a peach color. So no getting too excited about pink sand beaches, but you can definitely get excited about the beautiful shoreline vistas, coves and sand dunes around the island.

Of course the most notable thing about this island is the strange green fog and glowing ‘white water’ that “haunts” the waters around Bermuda, better known as the Bermuda Triangle. This strange mysterious phenomena can be seen in satellite images.  Bermuda enjoys balmy weather in winter months which make it a favored destination for golfing.



Another island gem on the list that often reminds people of coastlines and bikinis, but has a few other interesting things to offer. If you didn’t know, Grenada is dubbed the nickname “spice island.” This small little spec in the sea is actually a major exporter of nutmeg and cinnamon, two very common spices.

Like a few of it’s neighboring islands, Grenada is not an island all alone, it’s actually comprised of three islands, Carriacou and Petit Martinique being the other two. While each island holds true to its natural beauty, the island of Grenada showcases an extraordinary attraction. You can actually see an art gallery after you dive 24 feet below the sea. It’s a sculpture gallery that was erected when a hurricane destroyed the coral reefs that were once here. It’s now home to a vast array of marine life, a haven for them after their home was take from them.


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