Getting To Know The Culture and Traditions of Turkey

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Bazaar in Turkey

Go Beyond The Tourist Sites and Find A Traditional Experience in Turkey

There’s plenty to see and do in Turkey. We all know about the famous Blue Mosque, the gorgeous cascading Pammaluke terraces, and incredible views of Cappadocia. These are on your list, but what about getting to know the traditional things of the country a bit more? Here are a few extra things to add to your travel list so you’re experiencing more than just the mainstream sites of Turkey.

A few things you must do to find the true culture and traditions of Turkey…

You will be sure to find yourself at the markets. After all, the Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the biggest and best places to shop in the world. And as a shopper at these markets… you must be able to barter! It’s a skill, but you’re going to be fine. Practice makes perfect right? Be a true local and get yourself the best price possible on the item of your choice. Maybe it’s some spices to bring home, or a new silk scarf. Just make sure to get that price down! Bonus points if you do part of the negotiating in Turkish.

Bazaar in Turkey

You are probably stinky from wandering the markets and sightseeing all day. It’s OK, you’re not alone, but it’s definitely time for a bath! No, not a shower, and not a bath in your hotel room, but a traditional Turkish bath, a hammam. Relax and delve in the luxurious bath water, said to make your skin “tan ready” for your days at the beach, so maybe make sure this is one of the first things on your list of things to do.

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath House

Does it get anymore traditional than Turkish night? Celebrate being in Turkey with a variety of authentic Turkish dances and entertainment. The dancer prance around in costumes, performing dance moves like you’ve never seen. You will likely want to join in they are all so enthusiastic, and that’s OK!

Visit a local village. This means getting out of the big city, whatever and wherever you are, just go to a small little local village and speak and spend time with the locals. A local village tour will open your eyes to the true way the people live, eat, and breath everyday. See cheese made by the farmers own hands, help pick some fresh fruit off a tree, or stop by a local bakery and speak to the woman who hand kneaded that dough and maybe even get a sneak peak at the kitchen

A few things to munch on…

After planning your Turkey holidays with First Choice, be prepared to be bombarded with smells and tastes in a fusion you have never experienced. Here are a few traditional dishes to munch on.

Kunefe in Turkey

Kebabs will be everywhere, and therefore, it’s a sin if you fail to get one. Slowly cooked lamb wrapped up in one scrumptious dish to eat on the run. Kunefe is for cheese lovers, a traditional Arab pastry stuffed with cheese and surrounded by Kadayif, a dough. A traditional ravioli, manti, is a hot dumpling of sorts topped with a cold yogurt and garlic sauce. It can be stuffed with a variety of things such as spinach or salmon. Finally a meze is another must-try. This is an appetizer to order with an array of small dishes to nosh on like Patlıcan Ezmesi (grilled eggplants with yogurt), Zeytinyağlı Enginar (artichoke), and Barbunya (pinto beans) just to name of few of the dishes.

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