Top Adventure Activities in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta offers more than a day at the beach – Top Adventure Activities To Spice Up Your Next Vacation In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Sculpture

Enchanting Mexican architecture, lush green vistas, eco-adventures and uncrowded beaches will capture your heart in this seductive hideaway. Puerto Vallarta is more than just colourful markets, sumptuous cuisines, a dazzling nightlife but more about the secluded nature trails. If you have the adventure bone in you then make sure to visit Puerto Vallarta to enjoy different variety of activities. Some of them are here listed below to give you a sneak peak.

Unforgettable Humpback Whale Excursions

Humpback Whale

Banderas Bay is a place of wonder and a natural beauty that is truly unique. Spend a fun, memorable day watching whales. Humpback whales have for ages made the migration south to warm waters off the coast of Mexico, to reproduce and nurture their baby whales. It’s an amazing display of behavior that will make this an unforgettable experience. Whale watching is an absolute must for anyone visiting Puerto Vallarta, particularly because the whales come down for about 5 months-a-year. Definitely one of the best and more popular tours in Puerto Vallarta, comes in two versions: a full 8hr. trip that includes snorkeling, or a quick half-day 4hr. trip will take you offshore to watch one of the greatest creatures on Earth: humpback whales.

Another constant companion that you will love seeing here is the ever-friendly bottlenose dolphins that you’ll see frolicking in the bay, leaping out of the water or gliding alongside boats. If you want to have a more up-close experience, go for dolphin encounter.

Sea Turtle Reserves – You will no doubt be amazed to learn that as many as four sea turtle reserves are located in Puerto Vallarta.  Pay a visit to witness sea turtles laying their eggs and newborn hatchlings being released.  Read related: Puerto Vallarta – one of the best places to live

Cruise the Canopy way– Zip-line tours have become quite popular in Puerto Vallarta. A concept originally created in Costa Rica for enjoying tropical forests with minimal damage, this exhilarating activity can be experienced in Vallarta’s forests, valleys and rivers.

Los Veranos Canopy is termed the “original” canopy tour in Vallarta offers 14 zip lines and 2 miles of cable. Only professional climbing equipment is used and safety is, of course, top priority. With parts running over 300 ft high, you’re sure to enjoy and remember this once in a lifetime experience.

Los Veranos Zip Line Tour

You can also cruise over a canyon and Cuale River on a Canopy River tour which offers 12 ziplines surrounded by dense exotic forests close to Puerto Vallarta. This tour is all downhill at full speed.  Once you get over being astounded by the heights, you’ll really get some breathtaking views from way above the ground, especially when you zip over the river.

Discover Yelepa – If you want to experience a great combination of boating, snorkelling and hiking along with natural beauty and local Mexican flavour and charm then surely visit Yelepa.

Yelapa is one of the small villages that make up the native community along the southern coast of Banderas Bay. Many people think of Yelapa as an island because there are no connecting roads and therefore to get there, you either need to take a boat, ride a horse or walk through the jungle. The incomparable beauty and charm of this community, as well as the simple lifestyle has attracted visitors from all over the world. There are now about 500 international residents who have been captivated by the lifestyle and now call Yelapa their hometown.

Pirate Land TourThe day tour, called Pirate Land is great for families, the trip around the bay in the Christopher Columbus replica ship (modernized, of course) includes an impressive pirate show with sword fighting, acrobatics and even cannons blasting. There are games, contests, dancing and water sports that include kayaking, banana boats, snorkeling and even a fun treasure hunt. The tour includes food and open bar.

Puerto Vallarta Pirate Tour

SurfingBanderas Bay has a wide variety of places to surf and depending on the water conditions and weather you can find great surfing in Nueveo Vallarta, Punta de Mita or Sayulita.  You can see the turquoise waters of the south or the north side where sightseeing becomes a plus as you walk into the small picturesque towns of Nayarit.

Puerto Vallarta is full of activities ideal for the whole family. Sea Side Mexico offers vacation reservations in Puerto Vallarta that gives you quick and easy access to the many excursions there are to experience in Puerto Vallarta. If you’re planning a fun trip here, a vacation rental is a practical consideration.








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