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22 Dec

Enchanting Vacation Rentals Inspired By The Movie “Frozen”

Know anyone who’s a diehard “Frozen” fan? True fans of the movie can now vacation like Elsa and Anna thanks to this list of cozy cabins and charming castles inspired by the kingdom of Arendelle, courtesy of – the world’s largest vacation rental site. Is your vacation fund melting faster than a snowman in the Sahara? Not to worry – with rates starting at just $60/night, there’s a destination for almost any budget.  So enjoy these enchanting vacation rentals all inspired by the Disney movie, Frozen.

Queen Elsa’s Frozen Castle

Frozen Castle 1

The cold never bothered me anyway! Escape to Elsa’s icy castle look-alike with the promise that this French chateau has heat for those who fear frostbite. Leave the past in the past and take a relaxing holiday in these tall towers that resemble Elsa’s skyscraping fortress starting at $3,106 per night.

Arendelle in Summer

Nestled between mountain and sea, Arendelle is a kingdom of lush forests and clear blue skies – at first, anyway.  If you prefer to avoid subzero temperatures on holiday, head to sunny Tuscany where this luxury apartment in the historic area of Florence boasts views of the city that may have you thinking that you’re in Arendelle after all – starting at just $155/night.

Anna’s Room

Frozen #4
For a truly royal experience, a majestic bed is an absolute must.  This hilltop chateau in Haute-Garonne, France comes complete with exquisite gardens, a yoga barn and even a heated pool to warm up the coldest days. This seven-bedroom mansion can be yours starting at $598 per night.

Arendelle in Winter

Do you want to build a snowman? As Arendelle falls under the spell of Elsa’s eternal winter, skating and sledding become the favorite pastimes of Arendellians everywhere. For a vacation full of cold-weather fun, head to the Black Forest region of Germany – the view at this vacation rental bears a stunning resemblance to wintery Arendelle and even comes with its own sauna for just $60/night.

Arendelle Castle


Did your childhood home have turrets? Was your favorite nursery toy a jeweled scepter? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you just might be royalty. For those of us who grew up without a crown, try booking a stay at this authentic 15th century castle for a truly opulent experience – the 9-bedroom behemoth comes complete with its own suit of armor and starts at $1,569 per night.

Arendelle Castle


Ah, the royal staircase- the key to any noble entrance or exit. To add a little stateliness to your everyday comings and goings, rent this 14thcentury palazzo apartment in the heart of Venice. With rates starting at just $239 a night, you may even have money left over for a tiara or two – we promise we won’t tell.

Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post


It’s the deepest freeze in Arendelle history! Unfortunately for Oaken, his shop is full of summery items like clogs, swimsuits and suntan lotion. If you love “Frozen” but hate being frozen, head to Hawaii where Oaken’s summery gear might actually come in handy. This lookalike rental off the coast of Maui can be yours starting at just $215 per night.

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