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19 Jan

Can Travelers Now Bring Cuban Cigars Into the USA?

Yes, travelers returning from Cuba can now bring up to $100 worth of alcohol and tobacco into the United States.  With the new U.S. government regulations easing restrictions for travel between the United States and Cuba, travelers can enjoy easier travel to the island of Cuba and can return home with some of Cuba’s most revered products – cigars and rum.  You should be aware that these products may not be resold in the United States.

Cuban Cigars

The new travel policy does not allow for totally open travel to Cuba from the United States however.  Although a special license is no longer required, there are about a dozen specific types of travel that are approved.  You should be aware that travel for tourism is NOT allowed at this point.  That means no itineraries are approved that allow for leisure recreation (a beach day for instance).  Types of travel that are allowed include visiting family members, government business, journalistic, research and company meetings, education, religious, performance, clinics and workshops, athletic, exhibition, cultural and humanitarian.  Travelers can bring up to $400 worth of goods back to the United States which includes the $100 allowance for alcohol and tobacco.  The previous cap on per-diem spending has been lifted.  The other good news is that U.S. credit and debit cards are now accepted in Cuba so travelers no longer have to travel with large amounts of currency.

To stay up-to-date on all of the U.S. travel regulations to Cuba visit the US Treasury Resource Center.