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27 Jan

Inexpensive New Travel Insurance Well Worth Buying

With an “epic” snowstorm halting travel in the Northeast, it’s a great time to talk about several new types of no-hassle travel insurance policies that are well worth considering!

Snowy Airport

Let’s be honest, we all grimace at the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on travel insurance.  One of the most asked questions I received as a travel agent was, “Do I REALLY need to buy travel insurance, I’ve never had a problem before”?  But with volcanoes erupting, winter snow storms, strikes across Europe, terrorism events and just unlucky happenstance, having some trip protection is in fact a good idea.  So for all you procrastinators, here’s some good news:  there’s a new breed of travel insurance out there that is both no-hassle and inexpensive.  Here are some policies well worth considering:

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection – yes, even Warren Buffet knows the value of trip insurance.
The BH AirCare insurance is about as simple as it gets.  For just $25 for domestic flights you are protected in the event of flight delays, excessive tarmac waits, lost or stolen luggage, and missed connections – even those due to bad weather conditions.  What’s more, you often don’t even need to file a claim.  The company uses a flight tracking system to automatically monitor your reserved flights and then notifies you by smartphone that funds are being paid to you.  So the next time your flight is cancelled or delayed more than 2 hours, you could find $1,000 automatically deposited in your bank account, or $500 for a missed connection.

For more in-depth vacation coverage they also offer ExactCare which covers trip interruption, flight cancellations, medical evacuation, and emergency medical treatment, and both domestic and international travel, also with a no-hassle model.  To learn more about either of these products, visit:

Nationwide Annual Travel Insurance – once and done!
Nationwide’s Travel Pro Package covers you for a full 12 months of travel (for trips 100 miles or more from home) with rates starting at just $39 per year.  The policy is simple and very affordable and covers policy holders for post-departure events including trip delay, emergency medical needs and lost luggage.  Your spouse or domestic partner and your dependent children are also covered when traveling on the same itinerary!   More in-depth coverage which include pre-departure trip cancellation coverage are also available.  For more information visit:

The other no-hassle insurance we love is American Express Premium Car Rental Protection that automatically provides top level rental car protection automatically every time you charge a car rental to your American Express credit card.  They pay before the claim goes to your car insurance company, not after, saving you all those bad-driver rate hikes!  For $24.95 per rental (for the full term, not per day!) you are covered for vehicle damage whether it be a dent, scratch or heaven forbid a crash.  Great peace of mind, and I just relish saying no, no, no, to all the pricey insurance fees at the rental car counter!

So now there’s really no reason not to get yourself and your trip covered every time you travel.