Five Best Motorcycle Rides in the Pacific Northwest

When you own a motorcycle you know the trill of traveling a new road, full of twists and turns, and a long stretch or two to give you that flying feeling. If you’re seeking that next new adrenaline rush, you might want to check out these routes in the American Northwest. Don’t let the damp turn you off to some of these incredible roads. The magic of deep forests, the horizon off the ocean, and windswept pines is an adventure unlike any other.

Motorcycle Rides in Northwest USA

#1  California Route 58, McKittrick to Santa Margarita

California Motorcycle Route

To view an endless stream of golden hills during a ride, this route offers beautiful glimpses of the wheat grown in California, for a memorable trip that spans over 71 miles.

#2  WA 504, Spirit Lake Highway – Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument

Spirit Lake Highway Washington

With over 50 miles of the open road to enjoy, this route offers views of mountains and lakes for beautiful landscapes that will take your breath away. This road is also easy to navigate, and will allow you to feel like you own the road without many other motorists heading in the same direction. With assurance from this motorcycle accident attorney in Fort Collins, this is route should be a safe ride even for a family outing.

#3  Bella Coola to Williams Lake in British Columbia

British Columbia Motorcycle Route

This is an easy bike ride that has plenty of inclines with wide open cruising and wildlife to see on the way. Riders can enjoy seeing some of the most gorgeous high plains countryside while stopping at various campsites that are available. You might even spot a bear or deer along the way.

#4  Clarkston, Washington to Enterprise, Oregon

Clarkston WA Motorcycle Route
This ride includes everything from gorgeous canyons to flat plains for an interesting route that won’t leave you bored with the natural beauty that stretches from Washington to Oregon.

#5  National Forest Road 25 WA

National Forest Road 25 WA

The WA Forest Road 25 is known as the most preferred route to take while riding through Washington due to its sharp bends while passing both Windy Creek and Mount St Helens. It’s ideal when taking a day trip that involves light traffic, but is still a challenging route that is enjoyable for motorcycle-enthusiasts.

For a getaway that includes desolate surroundings with breathtaking views, there are a number of motorcycle rides to take in the Northwest for a bit of adventure while on the open road. It will allow you to appreciate the true beauty of the region while exploring a number of routes that are known for their spectacular surroundings.

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