Easter Season in the Baltics Should Not Be Missed

Baltic Easter Eggs

Reasons Why Easter in the Baltics Should Not be Missed

Easter in the Baltic States is all about painted eggs, traditional food, and festive gift giving. Egg knocking is common in all of Europe throughout the holiday, as well as going to church on Resurrection Night, lighting candles and gathering around the table to enjoy special dishes that end the fasting period. Don’t miss out Easter in the Baltics. The religious holiday has a rich historic background that marks all sorts of periods with different rulers that had an impact on holiday traditions.

This year’s Easter celebration falls on April 5, 2015. In Europe, and all around the world, the Christian festival comes with  important traditions. In some countries like Europe, people light huge fires to mark the beginning of the spring season; they paint boiled eggs in red, they cook special meals based on lamb meat, and they make gifts for each other. If you’re planning to go someplace nice for the spring holidays, consider the Baltics. Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are the 3 Baltic countries, and they will definitely make a wonderful European adventure.

Baltic Easter Eggs

Introducing the Baltic States

Nestled between the Baltic Sea and Russia, the Baltic States start with Estonia (to the north) and Lithuania (south). In between, there’s Latvia. Packed with rural, sparsely populated lands, these states have the most intriguing history. The capitals and overall appearance of the main cities boast exceptional architecture and folkloric traditions. Estonia for example, features 1,500 islets and islands. Its wild territories and abundant vegetation make it an ideal travel spot for this Easter.


Latvia on the other hand, is more ‘exotic’. It features beautiful coastlines with soothing white-sand, and some even call it the ‘Baltic Riviera’. In the Baltics, tourism is an highly developed industry. Many people come here to explore a new culture, find out more about their customs and traditions.

The capital cities

Estonia’s capital city is modern on the outside, although it does have some pretty astounding medieval castle towers. Featuring the most dreamlike sea views and airy feel, Tallinn was named the European Capital of Culture in 2011. Moving on to Riga, Latvia’s capital, we must emphasize that the Old Town is quite impressive. April is an ideal time of the year to explore this city’s lively nightlife and astounding mix of Jugendstil buildings.

Tallinn Estonia

Last but not least, there’s Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital. This city’s extravagant buildings and baroque-inspired houses will make your trip to the Baltics even more interesting this Easter. Stop by the Old Town and admire its mellow and warm feeling, or check the city’s bohemian parks and recreation areas. Visit Kaunas, Lithuania’s second largest city and its leading cultural, economic and academic hub.

Easter in the Baltics

In the folk calendar of the country, Easter is not just a celebration with a religious purpose, but also a special time of the year to rejoice the arrival of the spring season. The Open Air Museum in Tallinn organizes the traditional “Easter & Spring Fair”, an event where attendees are invited to try out Estonian farming traditions, and enjoy all sorts of activities for kids.

In Latvia, the Easter holiday is known as “Lieldienas” and it is a major celebration linked to the spring equinox. Because of the closeness to Estonia, most customs and traditions are similar. People paint eggs and they eat staple foods like pork and dairy products on Easter. Desserts and sweet breads are much appreciated, as well as round cakes. As for special events for travelers, check out Riga’s Old Town and you may stumble upon all sorts of street performances and live concerts.


The Baltic States will surprise and delight. Are you ready to try out something new this Easter? Whether you’re thinking to explore Latvia’s territories or you’d like to give Estonia a chance to exceed your expectations, there’s no doubt that these countries are unique and genuine in their own personal way. Packed with exceptional landscapes, exquisite architectural sights and a varied culture, a trip to the Baltics this spring won’t disappoint you.

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