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Great Cities For The World’s Best Surfing Experiences – Grab Your Board and Soar!

Waves not only produce beauty and excitement, they create magic for those who ride their power.  If you are looking for a great surf town for your next vacation then the following list of the world’s best surf towns will guide your way. All are not necessarily picked because they have the best waves, but because they also have superb hotels, welcoming locals, amazing nightlife, soul-satisfying cuisines and lots of fun activities!

Marvellous Biarritz, France

Biarritz Surfing Beaches

This town has an imposing history along with beautiful beaches which make it one of the hottest town in Europe. Popular as the birthplace of European surfing, Biarritz is an impressive mixture of French culture and surf culture. It is usually crowded with surfers and leisure travellers during warm weather months.  Visitors also enjoy some best European dishes at the nearby restaurants and sip a cup of coffee at cafes.

Note – From September to November is best.

Elegant Taghazout, Morocco

This is a paradise for surf lovers as it has a harsh coastline that is covered with waves. There are lots of wave lovers from different parts of the world mingles here to enjoy surfing. The waves here are long in shape, huge and powerful while the winds constantly blow to interrupt you. Trainees can begin from the city where ehe waves are more gentle for beginners. Find a spot at your skill level and have fun.

Note – Year round.

Magnificent Encinitas, California

Encinitas CA Surfing

No area of California is better for surfing than Encinitas. It is an easy-going place for surfers and surrounded with antique surf stores. Apart from adventure, you can also watch drama at the century old theatre. Drive towards its beaches which offer you an array of surfing options. The city offers you everything like culture, mysticism, tasty food, nice surf spots and other.  People of the city are friendly and happy.

Note – Autumn is best.

Beautiful Hanalei, Hawaii

Hanalei Hawaii Surfing

Considered as perfect for couples and for those who wants to enjoy unmatched natural beauty wrapped in regional culture and majestic history, Hanalei is a superb city to get some good waves. Also find out about its majestic history. You can find  dissimilar wave-riding spots, right from learner to expert. Visit with good mood and exciting approach and it will offer you an unforgettable experience.

Note – From October to March is best.

Splendid Florianopolis (Brazil)

Miles of shoreline and increasing scores of wave lovers, Brazil is stepping ahead to become the next big surf spot. There are different kinds of beaches that suites every surfers, from first time learner to experienced one. One thing is consistent here that is vibrant night parties. See civilians playing with the waves at the time of your tour to the seashore of the city.

Note – Year-round

Impressive Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay Australia

Australia is a beautiful place and its Byron Bay captivates all walks of life. From the complete list, the city is the chronological city or maybe the best city for surfing. Apart from surfing, it is a stylish town bounded with relaxed cafes and elegant stores. Combined with beautiful atmosphere, it offers you great waves to surf. The beaches of the city always filled with surfers.

Note – From June to September is best.

Superb Bundoran (Ireland)

Ireland is known as paradise for surf lovers and every surfer should visit the country to enjoy this exciting adventure. If you are visiting Ireland, must start this recreational activity from Bundoran. This picturesque town is full of beaches and reefs that definitely match with the need of every wave surfers. The weather may be cool, but the pubs and people are warm, with serves you regional specialities. Bundoran is a beautiful city and has various aspects, but only civilians can tell you about the actual Bundoran. The city has some well-liked seashores for water sports which are constantly found jam-packed.

Note – From September to November is best.

Gorgeous Tofino, British Columbia

Tofino British Columbia Surfing

Best for wave surfers, Tofino (British Columbia) is a trading and logging city that is considered to be one of the prettiest spot on the globe. Ringed with soaring mountain peaks and turbulent ocean, it is a cool, foggy and full of life. Though winters can be unbearable, the summer is warmer with endless shopping options, carnivals and cultural events. All beaches here are good with terrain especially for beginners. The vast waves roll out the coasts and seem very kind.  Long Beach and Chesterman Beach are great place for your surfing adventure.

Note – From March to September is best.

Fabulous Shonan (Japan)

Shonan is a fishing town, but now it has become the capital of surfing for the entire country as of the waves are good and it is only an hour away from Tokyo. In addition, there are manyu local festivals, visit century old temples and enjoy scenic views of the surroundings.

Note – From August to October is best.

There are many surf cities in the globe to enjoy the experience of surfing. Plan a trip, book your ticket and head towards the surf. Create memory, because in few days, you will be back to your home.

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