World’s Most Dramatic Kayak Destinations – 6 Unforgettable Kayak Adventures

Desolation Sound British Columbia

6 Unforgettable Kayak Adventure Tours at some of the world’s best kayak destinations.

Kayaking offers an immersive, up-close experience with some of nature’s most awe-inspiring landscapes. The sense of excitement and freedom, moving through the water and paddling towards the horizon, is counterbalanced by an equal sense of peacefulness and quiet. Whether you are a beginner or experienced paddler, here is a roundup of some of the most stunning destinations whose splendour is best revealed by kayak.

Epic exploration in the Scottish Hebrides

Sea Kayaking Tour in Scotland

The Scottish Hebrides, off the west-coast of Scotland, offer unparalleled wild seascapes and tranquil sea lochs that are best explored paddling through the waters. Best suited to a more experienced kayaker, the untamed coastlines are characterised by savage beauty, while the lochs allow those who want to explore at a more leisurely pace to indulge their naturalist curiosity. Expect to spot many types of rare seabird and marine life.

Immerse yourself in glacial tranquility in IcelandKayaking in Iceland

You could feel as though you are the only person in the world out here… Iceland presents a wealth of kayaking experiences from vast lakes and curving rivers to glacial waters. Iceland draws you into its noble atmosphere of natural majesty with its volcanic splendours and rugged cliffs. An unforgettable way of enveloping yourself in its expansiveness is by experiencing Iceland’s beauty on the water.

Drift down the Ardèche River in France

Canoeing in Ardeche France

The Ardèche River is 125 kilometres of protected natural beauty, only accessible to hikers and kayakers. You will kayak through the natural stone bridge of the Pont de L’Arc, the famous entrance to the nature reserve of George de l’Ardèche. It is an ideal route for a novice and presents a fantastic way of getting into kayaking as you drift between the limestone cliffs that line the river and reach up to 300km in height.

Get closer to nature on a safari kayaking experience in Botswana

Kayak Safari Zambezi National Park

For over 30 years the Selinda Spillway in northern Botswana was bone dry, but due to exceptional rains and high flooding since 2009 you can now enjoy a once in a lifetime safari experience by exploring its game-rich floodplains by kayak. A five day self-contained expedition involves camping under the stars and carrying all your equipment with you. With the help of an experienced guide, you’ll paddle deep into remote parts of the African wilderness and even get a chance to explore some of the surrounding territory by foot.

Kayak the Arctic in Svalbard, Norway

Svalbard Norway Surfing

Let the midnight sun guide you through the uncharted fjords of Norway’s archipelago Svalbard.  The collection of islands comprises seven national parks and 23 nature reserves which make up 60% of the archipelago’s territory. Expect walruses, arctic foxes and even polar bears as you gently paddle past icebergs and glaciers and experience the peace of its unique beauty.

Experience the freedom of Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound British Columbia

The name evokes the sense of freedom you will experience when kayaking this deep water oceanic expanse, the largest Marine Park in British Columbia, Canada. Over 14,000 acres of highland and 60km of shoreline are at the end of your paddle, ready to be explored. The calm, warm water makes for an effortless experience of gliding through this mountainous landscape. This is an excellent kayaking experience for all levels, guaranteeing 360° of beauty with whatever intensity you choose to explore.

Kayaking enthusiasts who own their own equipment should check out this useful guide offering information on airline fees and baggage allowances when travelling with a kayak or canoe, as well as information on how to safely pack up your kayak before you travel.

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