Hiking the Mysterious Mountains of McLeodgunj and Triund Near New Delhi India

This is a real experience of trekking Truind in India, shared for the benefit of first timers like us!

We were a group of 5 trekking enthusiasts in the age group of 22-26. At this age we want to explore the world, but due to natural limitations, we thought of exploring some trekking trails first. There were many suggestions and we listed out many and finally opted to trek Triund as it is a beginners trek and offers nice views in the end. Additionally it is not far from our location New Delhi (Capital of India).

Truind Trekking Friends

Step One – Research
We first explored the web to get information and knowledge of what this experience would be like. After packing the bags we went to Mcleodganj by cab. There are many private cab service providers in Delhi who can be hired both online and offline at reasonable prices. We took the road from Delhi to Pathankot, then to Dharamshala and finally to Mcleodganj. The Road to Mcleodganj is nice. However scenic views start only after Pathankot. The Journey from Delhi to Pathankot took 10 hours but we were stopping at many places for snacks and photo sessions which made the journey enjoyable. There are many roadside dhabas on the way, but Sukhdev Dhaba in Murthal is the most well-known joint.

We reached Mcleodganj early in the morning and checked for accommodation near Bhagsu falls, which is the starting point for trekking. Climbing Triund was planned for the next day morning. We got fresh and rested at hotel till 12 noon and then  went to see famous Bhagsu falls. It is named after the God Bhagsu as evidenced by the temple in Bhagsu’s honor. One can also bathe in the cold water. For those who need towels and clothing, there are small shops. They also serve maggi and some light snacks. In the evening we went to the main market which is in the center of city and 2 km from the bhagsu water fall. The majority of shops sell woolen garments and handicrafts. If you love Tibetan designs and woolen clothes this is the best market in world for you. Prices are very reasonable and you will get Tibetan lessons for free as shopkeepers are very friendly.

Truind Hiking Group

After finishing breakfast the next morning, we put on our back packs and started the trek.  As we were new to this place, we decided to go on a guided trek.  Our guide gave us local information, introduction to the trees and lots of information throughout our trek.  Full of enthusiasm, we started the climb.

Triund – Know it

But before I start taking you with me on this exciting trek, let me give some information about Triund so that you can enjoy the experience better. Triund is actually a ridge situated at a height of 2900 meters. From the Galu temple one has to walk about 6 kms. to reach the highest point. Triund has the Dhauldhara range on one side offering a magnificent view, and the Kangra valley on the other side making this a special attraction for trekkers. Getting a view of the majestic Himalayas is everybody’s dream and so it was ours as well.

The path is stone laden and there are steps at some places to make it easy for climbers. The trek takes us through fores which have Oak and Deodar trees standing tall along with rhododendron. We also encountered many species of plants and trees which are specific to this region. We were lucky to spot some rear birdies! Just after one hour of climbing, we took a break and ate the second breakfast of bread, butter and jam, which we had carried. 15 -20 minutes break energized us again and we were back on our feet. Another 30% of the distance we covered, and we were welcomed by a local tea shop. We jumped at the opportunity to sip tea and relax for some half an hour. We could not make out whether the tea was good or we were in bad need of it! The charges were little high, but considering the fact that the vendor has to transport all the materials there, it was fine. Till now the trek was relatively easy as the whole path was stone laden.  After this point the path becomes a  little narrow, so we started trekking in groups of 2. After some 200-300 steps, we got a nice view of cloud forming. Clouds were coming up and down between two hills and a cool breeze made us feel like we are in heaven.

Trekking Through The Clouds

Welcome to a Fascinating view

The journey continued till 3 pm and then we stopped for a snack. Since the journey was guided we were at ease to walk at our own pace. Our guide went on giving us details about the place. We were getting exhausted despite the oxygen filled air. Sun was setting, and our guide announced that we had reached the top. The view from there was amazing. We just kept our eyes and mouth open to grab air and view. We had plans to stay there for the night. Our guide had set tents a little away from the crowded place. There we had fun, some snacks, and camp fire all in open sky. The sunset is one of the most memorable moment of our tour. The red ball turning yellowish and then hiding on the horizon leaving light colors in sky.

Truind Sunset

For those peoples who are living in metro cities getting a clear sky view is a dream.  The sky was so clear we easily spotted pole star and other star collections.

Our guide arranged for dinner, which was somewhat average. But at this place you can’t expect a 5 course meal. The pure vegetarian thali served cost us 100 INR each. The ambiance compensated the quality of food and that dinner was a wonder which we will never forget in our lifetime. Cool breezes, open sky, small tents, camp fire, everything made this an out-of-the-world experience. As we were all out of energy, we could not prevent sleep, although we wanted to stay awake the whole night. Clean sweeping bags covered us and sleep embraced us.

Awesome Sunrise

We woke up at 6 am as we were keen on watching sunrise. What we saw is beyond words. An orange colour ball rising between two mountains! After enjoying the fabulous view of sunrise, we had some tea and biscuits and started our downward trek. While coming back, we got another surprise when we met the possible oldest trekker. He was aged 81 years and he was trekking in Triund 17th time!

Trekking Truind India

As our group had like-minded people who were all nature lovers the trek was excellent. Amidst the fresh nature, pulling each other’s legs, resting when tired for a few minutes, our trek was memorable. When we took break to relax, our cameras would start working. Every bit of the place was worth capturing and eyes never got tired of seeing. The feel of fresh air full of oxygen was pumping energy into us. We wanted to stay up there for more time, but we had to reach the bottom before it was dark again. The downward trek took four hours.

This first trekking experience got stored in our minds strongly which I’ve tried to pen down. It was an unforgettable experience beyond adequate description!

Tips to fellow trekkers:

  • Carry at least 2 bottles of water while trekking.
  • Carry some fruits and nuts like cashews, dates, dried and/or juicy fruits.
  • Better to carry some fruit juice to quench your thirst.
  • Keep luggage light.
  • We advise you to stay at the top to watch an amazing sunset and sunrise.
  • Take a guide so that your trekking will be safe and also you get some information about the place.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open, grab as much of nature as you can in your eyes and camera.

Watch our video of the hike see the most dramatic scenery:

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