A Nat-Geo Book Your Bored Kids Will Just Love This Summer

National Geographic Kids Almanac Cover

I’ve just spent an hour reading the new National Geographic Kids Almanc for 2016, and it almost makes me want to be a kid again!  Every parent with elementary school-aged kids should pick this wonderfully entertaining book up for those irritating “I’m bored” moments.  Even better,  take this bright and entertaining almanac along on a road trip or to summer camp for hours of fun flipping through colorful pages – way better than watching Shrek for the 15th time!

Your kids may discover that scientists have recently found Glow In The Dark Sharks!  Or that pets can do some really silly tricks, like the Macaw who has taken up skiing.  Are your kids fascinated with dinosaurs?  There are lots of vivid pictures of the creepy monsters along with intriguing info.  The almanac even points them in the right direction to discover dinosaur bones or what they need to do to prepare themselves to be a Paleontologist.

But the book is not all interesting information, there’s plenty of fun and games as well.  Prepare yourself for the kids to have a new repertoire of knock-knock jokes and funny riddles.  And there are lots of hidden-object puzzles, mazes and maps.

Nat Geo Kids Almanac 2016

They will also expand their horizons with chapters on Super Science and Culture Connections that reveal some very funny and surprising facts about other countries and cultures.  Did you know that in Thailand the New Year begins with a gigantic water fight?  Or that space Astronauts take tortillas on their space ship because they produce fewer crumbs than bread.  There are tons of …who knew??? moments in the Nat-Geo 2015 Kids Almanac.

So when your young ones go back to school this fall and have to tell what they learned this summer, they will be brimming with fascinating facts to entertain their friends and teachers alike!  Good job Nat-Geo, I loved this book.

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