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Brussels Restaurant Scene

Chances are your visit to Brussels will be an adjunct to a longer trip and your time there will be limited.  So let’s take a look at the 6 Top Things to Do in Brussels

Brussels Belgium

Brussels is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s top travel destinations. Great for a quick trip or an extended stay, the city is full of rich history with nearly 90 museums and beautiful architecture. Being in a prime, central location in Europe, it’s easy to get to Brussels. High-speed trains run often from London, Paris and Amsterdam and direct flights from the states land daily at the city’s airport. Although there are several luxury hotels and accommodations available, Brussels is cheaper than other cities in Europe, making it a great addition to your next trip.

To help you sift through the long list of museums, sights and festivals, take a look at these top things to do in Brussels:

1. Manneken Pis:

Brussels Fountain

The famous statue of a urinating boy is a top attraction in Brussels. Although there is debate over the meaning, many agree it is a comic symbol of rebellion. The statue has been dressed in many different costumes depending on the occasion. Several days out of the year, he now spews wine and beer instead of water.

2. Eat and Drink:

Belgium’s food scene is reason enough to visit the often bottom-of-the-list country. Known for its beer, chocolate and waffles, the cuisine is definitely worth a try. Specifically, Brussels offers several chocolate tours that will take you to the finest sweet shops in the city. A few to try on your own are: Godiva, Galler, Neuhaus and Wittamer.

Brussels Restaurant Scene

If you like fries, Belgium’s frites are a must! Topped with spicy “Samurai Sauce,” the crispy snack can be found on many squares throughout Brussels – and in almost every restaurant.

3.  Atomium:

Atomium Brussels

A steel, molecule-shaped structure originally built for the World’s Fair in 1958, the Atomium is a great place for visitors to experience Belgian culture and the city’s beautiful views. The structure has many different exhibits, several of which are temporary and are changed on a regular basis. It’s also worth visiting the Atomium at night when all of the spheres are lit up for a beautiful light show.

4.  The Grand Place:

Brussels Grand Palace

The Grand Place is the main square in Brussels. Apart from its appealing aesthetics and intricate architecture, the central square is also famous for its history. It’s surrounded by the city’s town hall as well as Brussel’s city museum in the Maison du Roi. Another beautiful place to experience in daylight and at night. Grab a drink at a nearby bar in the evening and witness the square lit up in colorful lights.

5.  Festivals:

Brussels Summer Festival

There are always fun events going on in Brussels. Chances are, even if you don’t plan for it, you might end up being in town during one of the city’s hundreds of festivals. Specifically, Brussels Summer Festival has become a top cultural event in August. During the holidays, Brussels also puts together an annual Christmas market. Check out a full list of festivals here.

6.  Day Trips:

Being at a prime location in Belgium, Brussels is surrounded by charming towns that are quick and easy to get to. Most will only take a day to explore, so you might be able to fit in a few day trips.

The train is often the best mode of transportation to get around Belgium. There are multiple train stations in Brussels, but if you are planning on visiting a town directly after flying into Brussels, the train station in the airport is your best option.

Bruges Belgium

Ride about 20 minutes and you’ve landed in Leuven, the fun, young city known for its prestigious university and the longest stretch of bars in Europe. Another, more charming choice is Bruge, which is also close by and full of chocolate shops, lace shops and Belgium Beer (notice a pattern?).

No matter how you decide to spend your time, Brussels is definitely worth a visit. Only an hour and a half train ride from Paris, it’s a great place to stop on the way to your next destination.

About The Author:  Samantha K. loves to travel and experience new cultures around the globe. When she is not out traveling, she enjoys working in the travel industry for The Parking Spot, provider of airport parking.
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