Delta’s New Carry-On Baggage Policy May Just Be A Winner!

Delta has announced a new VIP Carry-On Bag Service that is actually free to use (well for now anyway).  If you’re like me, one of the most annoying aspects of flying is arriving at your seat only to find the overhead bin packed full with bags dropped off by folks sitting somewhere else.  Hey, isn’t that my bin???  We all know that stowing overhead bags slows down the boarding process and blocks the aisles for everyone.

Delta Airlines Carry On Bag Policy

Delta has recently come up with a brilliant solution!  Early Valet service has been introduced in Atlanta, Detroit, Seattle, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Salt Lake City and New York.  Passengers arriving at the gate have the option of having their carry-on bag tagged and stowed by service agents who promptly bring your bag onto the aircraft and place it in the bin above your seat (just pinch me, I love it).  Furthermore the agents handling bags will decline tips for this service.  Then when your sections is called to board the aircraft, you can just stroll on board with your hands free and a smile on your face.

Here’s hoping this new service is a big success and that it spreads to other airports and airlines!

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