Destination Jaipur: Royal Palaces, Tiger Reserves and More

Royal Palace Jaipur

Destination Jaipur: A Full And Enchanting Holiday Experience

Nestled snugly in the east of the arid state of Rajasthan, is its gorgeous capital city right in the midst of the Thar Desert – a global favorite tourism hotspot called Jaipur. Also called the Pink City after the pink coloured stones used in the buildings in its walled city area, Jaipur has a tremendous lot to offer to visiting tourists in terms of sight-seeing, cuisine, photography, shopping, art, culture, and wildlife to name a few. Forming one of the three nodes of the Golden Triangle mapping of tourist areas of India also including Delhi and Agra, Jaipur is one of the most widely favored tourism destinations in Rajasthan as well as India as a whole. If you have decided to make this wonderful city named after its founder ruler Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, your region of choice to visit for your next long distance holiday, adventure, or rejuvenating trip then it goes without saying that you are in for a memorable time and a once in a life time experience. The city is sure to mesmerize you right from the first glance.

Start With the Sightseeing Hotspots

Hawa Mahal Jaipur India

For starters, Jaipur has options galore for visiting tourists to choose from so it might serve you well to research the place thoroughly and then prioritize from among your choices. The best activity to begin with is the sight-seeing, for you absolutely do not want to miss out on some great historical and architectural wonders present here. A common favorite is Hawa Mahal or Palace of Winds in the old city area. Replete with five storeys and 152 windows, the pink coloured building was originally created to provide the royal women with a way to watch the activities out on the street below. Other highly frequented spots are the Jaigarh Fort and the Nahargarh Fort. Jaigarh, perched atop a hill boasts of housing the world’s largest cannon on wheels, while at 600 feet above the city, Nahargarh stands solid with its long running walls and great architectural glory. Also make it a point to visit Amer fort for its dignified and regal stature set firmly in red sandstone and white marble as well as for its lavish interiors that include Sheeshmahal or the chamber of mirrors.

Sheeshmahal Japuir India

More of the Unparalleled Flavor of Jaipur

You can also make an interesting and off beat stop at the Jantar Mantar observatory where stars and constellations were studied in the olden days and where there still is a sundial that tells time with great accuracy. Speaking of offbeat, there is the doll museum on JLN Marg that showcases dolls from all over the world. It’s a sight to cherish! Make the most of each stop that you sight-see as it will soon be time to move on to other holiday activities. So wrap up your sightseeing by putting on your final list, the ornate City Palace and S.M.S. II museum, the Jal Mahal that stands in the middle of a lake, the rare ethnic collection at the Central Museum, the Ishwar Lat tower that after all this time is still standing tall, Motidoongari, the palatial Sisodia Rani Garden, and the Kanak Vrindavan temple and gardens. You will find fascinating popular and exotic spots as you wind up the sightseeing part of you Jaipur stay. Each of Jaipur’s unique spots to see make for great subjects for photography so make sure you make the most of it and take your memories home. And once you have walked through the paths where the royals once did you would have tasted the unparalleled flavor that only the royal city of Jaipur has to offer.

A Delight for Gastronomes

Jaipur India Cuisine

And while we are on the subject of flavor, after all the walking around through phenomenal historical buildings, you would by now be quite spent and craving for some of Jaipur’s famous cuisine. Be sure to sample some of the region’s great Rajasthani delicacies such as Dal Baati Churma (lentil curry, baked flour balls, and a sweet powder made of flour, sugar, and cow’s ghee), Gatte Ki Sabzi made from gram flour, Pyaaz Ki Kachori or a sautéed onion filling encased within fried flour cutlets, Ker Saangdi vegetable, Raabdi and a host of flour Chapatis and Rotis amongst several other dishes. To satisfy your sweet tooth there will be Lassi made from yoghurt and fried preparations such as Ghewar, Feeni, and Gujia.

Good places to stop for food in Jaipur include the Chokhi Dhani resort and Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar or LMB in the Johri Bazaar region of the city. The food range that Jaipur has to offer is entirely unique to the region and is completely delectable. Over and above that, even though you will want to gorge on it all, the sheer variety available will force you leave a part of the menu unsampled which you can make up for during your next trip here, for Jaipur is a place you can visit again and again and not tire of it. Clearly, your experience with the food at Jaipur will leave you completely satisfied and yet pining for more.

Local Artistry and Craftsmanship – Shop Your Heart Out

Jaipur Artisans

Recharged from your fine meal, it is now time to shop your heart out with an entire gamut of textiles, handicrafts, footwear, quilts, jewellery and souvenirs on display to say the very least. You can take your pick from among the tie and dye, block printed, batik painted, and leheriya fabric and garments including saris, blue pottery items, embroidered camel leather shoes and slippers in charming designs, kundan, minakari and lac jewellery, intricately patterned carpets, colourful printed quilts in traditional designs, marble carved items, handcrafted puppets in brilliant colours, other handicrafts, trinkets, and brass and wood knick knacks to die for. Surely, the local artistry and handiwork that Jaipur has to offer is a cut above the rest. You can divide your shopping time among the prime locations Bapu Bazar, Johri Bazar, and M.I. Road, and cover Chaura Rasta, Tripolia Bazar, Nehru Bazar, and Badi Chaupar in your remaining time. And again, just as it is with its food, the utter variety and splendor of goods to buy on offer are sure to overwhelm you. don’t be surprised because you will want to buy more than you can carry.

A Whiff of Wildlife and Catching Your Visit on Camera

Jaipur Indai Wildlife

For those who are lovers of wildlife, there are three great destinations present right up close to Jaipur. These are the Sariska National Park and tiger reserve located in Alwar, the Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur, and the Keoladeo National Park or the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary situated in Bharatpur. All these three wildlife spots are located a short distance from Jaipur and provide an excellent avenue to see a wide range of flora and fauna in natural habitats. Including these in your itinerary will bring a welcome twist to your holiday activities while visiting the city by adding an extra tinge of nature and adventure to your already perfect escapades as eager tourists making the most of your stay in Jaipur.

Make sure to take your camera along with you through your entire trip while sightseeing, visiting local restaurants, shopping away blissfully, and engaging with nature at its best. The monuments, marketplaces, and the nature on display will make for great subjects for your photo or video shoot. And this way you can take it all back home and preserve your experience safely to revisit whenever you want.

Add On A Literary Extravaganza

Over and above it all, Jaipur has a special something for you if you enjoy reading and listening to phenomenal authors speak. A recent addition to Jaipur’s list of attractions is its annual literary event, the Jaipur Literature Festival (Asia’s biggest literature festival). From its beginnings in 2006, the major event has been bringing together avid readers, literature lovers, and some great thinkers and writers from the world over to read, debate and discuss over five days. The event takes place in January, attracting much attention from book lovers from across the globe as well as from the media. What’s more, it’s free! Adding this one to your holiday items this visit could add an extra spark and depth.

A Few Important Pointers

But take note that Jaipur goes through extreme climates and though the winters are quite cold, the summers here are excruciatingly hot so it might do you well to leave out the months from April to July while planning your bookings. Make sure you put in your sunglasses and adequate sun block for everyone travelling. And remember to stay well hydrated through your entire trip.

Visit for further comprehensive information about Jaipur including transportation, accommodation, climate, access, shopping, sightseeing, paying guest accommodation, approved travel agents, etc. For information regarding hotels, renting a taxi or a bus, and full day, half day, and night city tours in Jaipur you can visit . There are ample ways to plan your visit and you will find yourself full of anticipation before you even begin.

You trip to Jaipur is guaranteed to be extra special, fun filled, and coloured with every bit of the magic and charisma that this place sure has. Try to make this trip a long one so that you satisfactorily cover all the experiences that your encounter with the lively Pink City has in store for you. Come with a yearning to be touched and enchanted and you will certainly not be disappointed. Such is the charm of destination Jaipur. Come and see for yourself.


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