Pucker-Up! Best Spots For Romantic Photos in Rome

Spanish Steps For Romantic Photos

4 Best Places For Romantic Souvenir Photos in Rome

On checking out the list of best romantic destinations in the world, Rome is sure to find a place among the top 3 locations. Though many opine that Paris is the city for lovers, Rome too has its own unique charm and you should not miss. Rome is termed the Eternal City and it stands as a wonderful place to capture a photo of your eternal love.  Whether it is the piazza, the vistas, or the fountains, the city has innumerable romantic spots where you can spend splendid time with your loved one.  Seek out these dramatically romantic spots for photos you will treasure for years to come:

Giardino degli Aranci, Viale Nino Manfredi

Giardino degli Aranci Rome for Romantic photos

Giardino degli Aranci means ‘Garden of Oranges’ in Italian. A favorite spot with local lovers, the garden offers a beautiful sight and is located in close proximity to some of the most enchanting churches in Rome. Newlyweds are commonly seen to visit the garden to get some time with one another. The spacious garden smells beautifully of oranges. It is also possible to obtain bird’s eye view of some of the best romantic panoramas of Rome. The little terrace is the perfect spot if you want to steal a kiss and watch the stunning sunset.

Spanish Steps

Spanish Step Rome Italy
By 2pi.pl (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Going to Rome and not visiting the Spanish steps will be considered a crime! Do not feel embarrassed to kiss your partner on the steps as you may not get this opportunity again. Sit side by side on the steps, enjoy the strumming guitars, watch people all over Via Condotti and the square and spend some cozy, romantic time together. Ask anyone to click a picture of you two or bring along your selfie-stick!  Go early in the morning if you want the steps to yourself.


Lungotevere Rome For Romantic Photos

The Lungotevere, located along the Tiber River offers majestic views of the Tiber Island, St Peters Basilica and Castel Sant’ Angelo. Lush green trees are planted by the lungotevere and some branches from the trees touch the water below. Walk hand in hand with your partner here after dinner. The place gets a mystical feel in the night. Stealing a kiss here is no big deal and the spot is frequented by lovers mainly. Do not forget to get a snap here!

A Quaint Square by Gelateria del Teatro

Square by Galateria del Teatro for Romantic Photos

Rome’s nightlife is pretty popular and this place stands evidence to this fact. Visiting the small quaint square by Gelateria del Teatro is sure to surprise you for its rustic, old world charm. Few mosaic tables are laid outside along with an outdoor drinking fountain. The Roman steps in the place have a mystical appeal as they tend to disappear into oblivion. The place remains open till pretty late at night. Sometimes it is full of local Roman crowd, but mostly, you will find romantics huddling together, sharing their ice cream. The picture perfect square is a great place to steal a kiss and make the night all the more special!

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