Dances With Kangaroos – Epic Cycling Trails in Australia

Top Australia Cycle Routes

Dances With Kangaroos – Epic Cycling Trails I’ve Traveled Down Under

Top Australia Cycle Routes

Cycling is my passion and I have been into it since I was a child. My enthusiasm for this hobby only increased as the years passed. Cycling is keeping me fit and happy. I think that I couldn’t imagine my life without this fantastic hobby. Not to mention that I live in a perfect country for any cyclist.

Australia offers so many beautiful routes for cycling that there is always somewhere new to go. Here are some of the best routes in Australia and Tasmania that I have taken and that I would recommend anyone who is into cycling.

Kakadu National Park Trail

This route showed me just how great is to visit such places by your bike. Passing by in your car, you will miss out on most of the interesting things in Kakadu National Park. Only by riding your bike on the unsealed roads in the heart of this park will you experience the real natural heaven.

The highway road itself is around 450 km long, but there are many other excursions you can take to make this ride even more interesting. It took me another 75 km to go and see Ubbir, a place famous for its rock art. There are many other excursions you can make while on this tour. You can visit Koolpin Gorge, Maguk, Garnamarr and many other interesting places.

Cycling Kakadu National Park

Since the most of the track is set in the mountains, it was very useful for me to have a mountain bike.

Tasmanian Trail

Cycling through the heart of Tasmania is definitely one of the most memorable experiences I have had. The roads at Tasmanian Trail are quite a challenge for any cycling enthusiasts.

At the beginning they do not require much effort, but later on, I was sweating just to get up some of the inclines. The road is quite long, around 480 km. Most of it is not sealed and is somewhat muddy. I remember being completely covered in mud on several occasions. You could be facing rain too, so don’t worry about getting rid of the mud from your bike and your clothes.

Tasmania Cycle Trail

All of this makes Tasmanian Trail a wonderful experience for anyone like me, who likes difficult roads and real natural experience.

Tanami Track

I went on another, quite different tour as well. I took a Tanami Track, which offers you a 1075 km ride across the deserts in the middle of Australia. Though not as difficult as the trails mentioned above, Tanami Track offers beautiful and relaxing camping options.

My friends and I really enjoyed camping in red deserts and observing the sky above it. We took an additional 20 km of the road, in order to visit Wolfe Creek, a recent meteorite crater. The road to get there wasn’t as pleasant as it is in the rest of the trail but it was worth the effort. A view at sunrise at this place was really something magnificent. Tanami Track took us around 12 days and it was really an enjoyable experience.

Tanami Trail Austalia

Munda Biddi Trail

This trail was probably the biggest adventure I undertook on my bike. Being around 1000 km long, this is one of the longest trails in the world. Most of the road requires some technical riding skills, since there are some parts of it that are really steep.

Munda Biddi Trail offers a great view to the Indian Ocean at several places and the roads alongside Jarrah-Karri Forests were quite an adventure. Because of the difficult roads, I couldn’t imagine cycling at this route without a helmet, gloves and similar equipment. Be sure to have all the important bike accessories if planning to undertake this adventure. If you like challenging roads this will be the great route for you.

Munda Biddi Trail Australia

Mawson Trail

This 900 km long route is another adventure I undertook. I have to say that I have found it very enjoyable and had buckets of fun while at it. Even though there are direct routes between the places, at Mawson Trails you are probably going to use some other, more difficult and more interesting route.

Because of this use of other roads, the route took me about 14 days. Some parts of this track were difficult as there was a lot of climbing and others were quite enjoyable. This was a wonderful experience and I really enjoyed passing by some of the Australia’s most famous vineyards.

Australia Cycling Trails

I had a wonderful time at each of these trails. If you are as adventurous as I am there is no doubt that you will enjoy these trails. Have in your mind that some of these roads are quite difficult and that you will need the proper cycling equipment if you are going to take them on.

About The Author: Neil is a wanderer and a biking enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. He often shares his knowledge on bike accessories and equipment on various blogs and sites.

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