Discovering The Wild and Beautiful Coast of Norway

The Wild and Beautiful Norwegian Coastline

Lysefjorden_fjord Norway

Norway has some of the finest and most dramatic coastline in the world. It is a place of dreamy landscapes, framed by fjords and mountain ranges. It is a travel destination of immense beauty; and somewhere to learn a new respect for Mother Nature and the power of the earth. There are a huge range of activities to undertake and there will be something for everyone. The following are just a few of the best places to visit:


GeirangerFjord Norway

It is possible to take a ferry journey along Geirangerfjord and gaze upon the long abandoned farmhouses perched upon near vertical cliffs. Travelers will have the chance to explore several waterfalls cascading into the icy cold, clear waters of the fjord. Furthermore, there are several places in which to board and enjoy this magnificent trip.

Hurtigruten Coastal ferry

Hertigruten Cruise Norway


The ferry travels daily between Bergen and Kirkenes. The trip will actually take you across the Arctic Circle and it will stop at several traditional villages, many of which cannot be accessed via the roads. The scenery is awe inspiring and is the only way to see the Norwegian coastline in all its glory without spending months crossing the land.

The Northern Lights

Northernn Lights

Also known as the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights are one of the most famous sights in the world and everyone should get a glimpse at the phenomenon at least once in their lifetime. Green and white lights dance across the sky in a variety of shapes and intensity. Allow your mind to regress and see which shapes jump out at you. They are generally visible between October and March although there is no guarantee!

Bryggen, Bergen

Bergen Norway

Wide cobbled streets provide the perfect finishing touch to traditional Norwegian houses and shops. Their colors brighten the day and provide an impressive array of designer, boutique shops. Bryggen is a paradise for shoppers and food lovers. The town used to be a very important sea faring destination and has a Unesco World Heritage listing.


Jotunheimen is the best and possibly most well known hiking centre in Norway. The trails which start from here cover 60 glaciers and a multitude of mountains; 275 of which are over 2000m tall. It is a stunning landscape where you can truly experience nature at its best.


This remote corner of Norway is actually very easy to get to. Sixty percent of this area is covered by the ice fields and there is a huge variety of Arctic life. Polar bears actually outnumber people in this part of the world. The Svalbard archipelago is home to a number of special of animals and mammals, including the Arctic fox, polar bears, reindeer, seals, dolphins and more.


Kystriksveien Norway

This coastal route is 650 km long and it may not be possible to traverse the entire path. However, every visitor to Norway should experience at least part of this trail. The route covers a multitude of inland glaciers and offshore islands. The island of Lovund is known to be home to at least 200,000 puffins.

Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock Norway

Pulpit Rock is a flat piece of rock which juts out 600 meters above the clear waters of Lysefjord. A two hour trek from Stavanger is necessary to visit this exquisite sight and you will need to put a whole day aside to appreciate it properly. It is a very popular tourist destination.


Tromso is the most important city in Norway and lies 400km north of the Arctic Circle. It is home to the world’s most northern cathedral, brewery and botanic garden. The university here has ensured there are an abundance of clubs and bars for all tastes. In the height of summer there is no darkness and winter sees very little light making this a magical destination whatever the time of year.

Norway has an abundance of wildlife and the coastal zones are excellent for a wide variety of birds. There are also polar bears, arctic foxes and reindeers to be found. Perhaps the most majestic creatures that all visitors hope to see is the mighty whale; a common sight of this coast. Explore the Norwegian coast and prepare to be shocked; the scenery is breathtaking regardless of the season.

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