Virginia Beach Just Keeps Getting Better As Summer Turns To Fall

Virginia Beach

What To Do in Virginia Beach as it Keeps on Getting Better in Fall

I am a New Englander by birth. That does not alter the fact that having lived in Virginia Beach, VA for the last 30 years, even I am willing to admit this is the ideal place to live as well as visit. Given the choice of shoveling snow or cutting grass all year, I’ll take the grass anytime.

To begin with, we have water everywhere. We have both the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay at our doorstep. Weather and water form the primary attractions for the city. Tempered by the surrounding water, our weather is mild all year round. Most years, we enjoy our beaches from early April through October. Winter brings rain, but few major storms. No snow plows needed here! Spring comes early and summer stays late.

Virginia Beach

We enjoy 20 miles of beaches for fun, sun and sand. Tourists can find Virginia Beach hotels in all locations, but over 90 hotels line the oceanfront and cater to family fun as well as singles and couples. On the oceanfront, we enjoy events from spring right through the fall.   We watch sand volley-ball tournaments, East Coast Surfing competitions, Boardwalk art shows and enjoy the Neptune Festival to wind down the summer season. We have wonderful fishing in this area all year ’round. That includes both deep sea and fresh water fishing. A large regatta makes up part of the Neptune Festival and we have whale watching boat tours for an up-close and very personal look at these marvelous creatures. We have a lot of good golf courses so the city is also becoming a golf mecca for northern neighbors who like to play all year.

After a few year’s absence one event we love returns. The annual “Low Rent Regatta” is held at the Chesapeake Bay area known as “Chix Beach.” While some events feature serious stand-up paddle races, others spoof the huge Neptune regatta. Qualifying for these events requires only having something that will float. The Low Rent Regatta provides lots of fun and laughs for the spectators and participants alike.

As locals we, as well as visitors, enjoy the many beautiful parks in Virginia Beach. Two of the parks built from land-fill debris host a variety of activities, including playgrounds and a skateboard bowl. City officials with a sense of humor named the first such park Mt. Trashmore.   It’s a small mountain compared to Mt. Rushmore, but we love it. Folks gather there all through the year for picnics, carnivals, fund raising events and Fourth of July celebrations. There is a lake where local scale-model boat builders race in competitions. That draws a lot of spectators. Most parks have a swimming pool, basketball courts, weight rooms and other amenities for staying healthy and happy. Others offer soccer, field hockey and ball fields, plus amphitheaters for concerts and other entertainments.

Virginia Beach Town Center

In the past few years our city built the Town Center with a major, four-star, Westin Hotel, an IMAX theatre and office buildings. Forty blocks of specialty shops offer souvenirs, art and boutique goods. Lynnhaven Mall in the heart of this area, is one of the largest malls on the East Coast.

For those interested in museums and historical places, our city contains plenty of those.

The First Landing State Park commemorates the site where the Jamestown colonists first set foot in the new land after spending so many weeks crossing the sea from England. The Military Aviation Center features many facts about the history of military flights and displays antique military planes.

Virginia Chesapeake Bay

We are proud of many other museums, too. Out Museum of Contemporary Art has won praise for its beautiful architecture as well as the displays. The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is one of our other favorite places to visit. With its interactive displays the kids stay fascinated and everyone learns a lot.

Aquarium Virginia Beach

Naturally known for fresh seafood, our city has some of the best seafood restaurants on the East Coast. We Virginians love to eat so we also have many other eateries that cover any taste and any budget. Tourists find the nightlife lively and agreeable.

As a community, we keep our city clean and up-to-date. The municipal center located in the southern portion of the city features architecture of old colonial style resembling a college campus. The area houses the local government offices, courthouses, police and fire departments. We also have an all-volunteer rescue squad whose services are free. Everybody appreciates this service so we support it with lots of fund raisers. Three local hospitals and a fourth one in process more than handle all medical needs. There is nothing more we could ask for in the way of services.

Come, stay and play with us here in Virginia Beach. Be warned, however, you may enjoy it so much you’ll want to stay!

About The Author:  Michelle Meshkan is a writer, blogger and journalist based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She has a Masters degree in Writing & Communications, and has written for several US based media outlets. In her spare time, she manages the content for, a Virginia Beach Hotels and Travel Guide.

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