Visiting Iceland On A Tight Budget

Iceland Scenery

Easy Steps To Save A Bundle in Iceland

Iceland is quite an expensive country. If you are on a tight budget, you have to find ways to save your precious dollars or euros wherever possible. If you want to take a trip to Iceland but are anxious it will be totally out of your price range, here are a few tips to make your dream come true.

Iceland Scenery

Camping Options

You may not have know this, but there are lots of campsites available everywhere in Iceland. You can camp in preferred campgrounds, where they charge about $12 per night, or wild-camping is also allowed provided that it is not in a protected wildlife region. Be sure to bring along your own tent and sleeping bag once you decide camping is your best option.  Among some of the coolest places to camp are Skjálfandi bay, which is located just off Husavik in Northern Iceland.  On site here you’ll stumble upon the most fascinating natural wonders, including the Bellagio Fountains and the Gentle Giants.

Become an Hostelling International Member

By becoming a member of Hostelling International you’ll enjoy the greatest prices in all HI hostels in Iceland, and around the world. The HI hostels offer a discount per person every night to all its members. You can acquire an HI card in all Iceland HI hostels or online before you travel to Iceland.

Bring Your Own Sheets

Bring your own sleeping bag. Hostels in Iceland will charge you about $10 for bed sheets. Some hostels offer beds without a blanket or duvet for bargain prices. For visitors on a tight budget, Iceland’s hostel sleeping bag accommodation is truly a good gift.

Iceland Scenery

Drink In Moderation

Although you really love to drink, the price of alcohol in Iceland is enormous. You will be hard pressed to get a beer for under $4 per bottle. Therefore, if you cut out alcohol drinking completely, (or at least cut down) you will save yourself lots of money.

Prepare your own food, try out the hot dogs!

Hotels in Iceland are quite expensive. Eating out costs quite a bit, you should expect  a minimum of about $8 per meal. The good news for travelers on a budget is that fast-food options are abundant and self-catering is even easier and cheaper. For a quick meal, Iceland gas stations are a popular spot for hot dogs. Opting for a hot dog from such a spot could save you $20. In addition, if you have time, preparing frozen pizzas at your hostel might be the best option.

Share A Ride!

One good way to find rides to share is to inquire at hostels. Also since Iceland has very clean water, it’s a great idea to carry a water bottle and fill up right from the tap.  If you bring along a reusable water bottle on your trip, you will never have to waste your money on the plastic bottle version, which costs approximately $2.50.

Iceland Scenery

Get a bus pass

Getting around Iceland is easy: you can either share a ride with someone or get a bus pass.  Book your bus pass in advance online to pick out the best options, routes and length of time you’ll need the pass.  There are several bus companies offering passes and the bus service is excellent.

Rent a car

If you are visiting for a week or less, renting a car is enough to see most of the major sights in Iceland. In order to reduce costs, split the journey with as many people as possible. If you happen to be a solo traveler, you might be lucky to meet someone who would like to join your journey at your hostel.


Don’t forget to check out peer-to-peer sharing sites like Couchsurfing, AirBnB, etc. as a great way to meet locals, stay in their homes, and get free travel advise.  Normally couchsurfing is free of charge. Getting involved with the couchsurf community is a sure way to save your money and meet great people.

As you can see, visiting Iceland does not have to be as expensive as you may have feared. In fact, if you prepare in advance you should know exactly what to do and what not to do to save cash. Enjoy the natural sights because those are free of charge, and stay away from the city centers when it comes dining and accommodation.

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