Where To Eat Like a Local in Miami Beach

La Piaggia Restaurant Miami

Eating Like a Local in Miami Beach

When going on vacation, you go to experience new sights, to enjoy a different culture, and to relax in an environment that’s completely different than the one you see on a day-to-day basis. So, why would you waste your vacation by eating at the same old chain restaurants that are within a few of miles of your home? Fortunately, if you want to avoid the Cheesecake Factories and the McDonalds of the world, Miami Beach is the perfect place to go! With a wide variety of decadent local eateries – each of which are unique to Miami – you’ll be experiencing the sights and sounds of a new place. You’ll also be experiencing tastes and smells unlike anywhere else in the world!

So, for those adventurous food gurus out there, here are some of the best local restaurants in Miami Beach. Trust me; you won’t want to miss out!

La Piaggia

La Piaggia Restaurant Miami

If you’re looking for a beach-side boozy brunch, La Piaggia will be your new heaven. This festive beach club located at 1000 South Pointe Drive in Miami Beach provides beautiful sights, festive music, and some of the best food and drink in South Florida. From delicious French inspired dishes (with a Mediterranean twist) to impeccable cocktails, wine, and more, each and everything that you get on this menu will be like a vacation in and of itself. It may be a bit more on the adventurous side of things for some of the more mild palates out there, but La Piaggia is certainly something that must be experienced at least once! If nothing else, the parties and events that are always going on here will keep everyone occupied! Check it out if you’re on the South West side of Miami Beach!


Pubbelly Miami

Sticking with the strange and exciting, Pubbelly – with head chef Jose Mendin – is an Asian inspired gastropub for those who aren’t worried about dropping a hefty sum on their dinner. Specializing in “out there” dishes such as Korean Style sweet breads, Fried Snapper salad, duck and pumpkin dumplings, and so much more, this beautiful little destination isn’t for the faint of heart. But, be you of adventurous taste buds, you will find some of the most decadent plates not just in Miami Beach, but in the whole of Florida. Add in a cozy and understated ambiance that isn’t afraid to have fun once in a while, and you get a “can’t miss” experience.


Lucali Pizza Restaurant Miami

If you’re in the mood for something a little more casual, Lucali is – bar-none – the best pizza place in town. Its fresh ingredients, crisp crust, and world famous spiced kale allow for an experience that even those from pizza kingdoms such as New York or Brooklyn can appreciate. Trust me; if you’re looking for a slice of pie that will make an Italian grandmother jealous, this is the place for you! Yes, there may be another Lucali in Brooklyn and it might not technically be a “Miami Beach specific” restaurant; but, I couldn’t resist including my favorite pizza spot on my list of must-visit restaurants while in Miami Beach. It’s just that good!


Ola Restaurant Miami

Finally, no list of local Miami favorites can be complete without mentioning the crown jewel of them all, OLA at the Sanctuary Hotel. This famous eatery located north of 17th street on James Ave provides a culinary experience unlike any you’ve ever had before. Offering a fresh take on classic Latin American fare, you can delve deep into some of the most delicious dishes around, including the mouthwatering, cut it with a fork, Puerco Asado and – my personal favorite – the unique and delicious Raspado de Pato. Each and every item on the menu is worth the admittedly prodigious cost, so make sure you do not miss out on this culinary event!

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About The Author:  This article was co-authored by Tyler Fleck and Facundo Yebne. Tyler Fleck is a travel writer who loves writing about all the places he visits, while Facundo Yebne is a Miami Beach local and the owner of http://designsuitesatcastlebeach.com/. Visit the site for more information about traveling in Miami Beach.

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