New Electronic Cigarette Regulations – E-Cigs Just Banned From Checked Luggage

Heads Up All E-Cigs Users – there are new regulations for airport travel!  There are new rules for bringing Battery-powered e-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, electronic nicotine delivery systems on an airplane.The TSA now bans electronic cigarettes or other battery-operated electronic smoking devices in checked bags to protect against in-flight fires.

E-Cigarette Travel Restrictions

Here’s what you need to know about taking your electronic cigarettes on an airplane as of November, 2016:
The new rule bans E-Cigarette devices from check luggage, however it still allows for the devices to be packed in your carry-on bag.  Passengers should be aware that they may NOT recharge their device while on the plane.  It is also advisable to check the policy of the individual airline you will be traveling on to make sure they don’t have additional restrictions.

According to the Department of Transportation, there have been at least 26 incidents of explosions or fires caused by e-cigarettes since 2009.  In most cases, the battery-operated device was left on or the battery short-circuited causing a fire.  At Los Angeles International Airport, for instance, a checked bag that had arrived late and missed the intended connecting flight was left in the luggage area and caught fire due to an overheated e-cigarette packed in the bag.

For the latest about luggage restrictions visit the TSA’s website at



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