Safety Tips For Women Traveling To Dubai

Important Safety Tips for Women Traveling to Dubai

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Dubai is a beautiful destination which travel enthusiasts aspire to visit at least once in their lifetime. This wonderful city beats any place in the Mid-East in terms of its luxury offerings. Whether you wish to enjoy great sightseeing or love art and culture, want to indulge in varied entertainment and fun or relish finest gastronomy and shopping, Dubai never fails to impress. On top of all these, Dubai is an advanced and mostly crime-free city, making it one of the most incredible destinations to travel and explore as a female solo traveler. That said, there are certain things that you should necessarily know before and during your visit to Dubai.

  • Do your homework

Utilize the incredible resource of internet to your amplest benefit. Browse through websites providing comprehensive Dubai travel info or join Dubai-related forums and engage in chats with people who had already visited Dubai. You can also get in touch with a reputable tours company to know about Dubai visa related requirements. All these would familiarize yourself with such things as Emirati lifestyle, best time to visit, and main attractions in and around the city, which alternatively enables you to nail a seamless trip while mapping down all the fundamentals in your itinerary.


  • Be aware of Dubai’s local customs and rules

Dubai is a part of Islamic country that abides by strong religious and traditional values. Even though Emiratis are welcoming and open-minded, they expect visitors to respect their local customs and rules. Any kind of improper conduct or behavior by way of smoking in public, drug trafficking, taking pictures of government buildings as well as locals (mainly women), public display of affection, homosexual behavior and sexual relationship outside of wedlock, may lead to hefty penalties and sometimes even land you in jail.

  • Know about dress Code

Emiratis are mostly seen wearing their customary attire and can be slighted when visitors especially women dress improperly or not as per the religious values. Make sure that you dress modestly in public places including hotels, dining establishments, amusement parks, shopping malls etc. Your dress should not be transparent, untowardly revealing parts of your body. Avoid tight-fitting dresses, sleeveless shirts and tops with spaghetti strings. Also a big no when it comes to wearing skimpy shorts and swimwear that draw unnecessary attention. It is recommended to put on loose fitting clothes that well cover your shoulders, arms, and knees.

  • Be wise with the choice of your hotel accommodation  

As you’re on a solo travel, it is always safe to choose a reputable hotel, which, along with easy access to your favorite sightseeing spots, provides private beach access, excellent dining venue, and leisure options, among other facilities. Dubai fortunately has no dearth of good hotels, resorts, and apartments but on downside accommodation rates are usually expensive. So make sure that you plan ahead.

  • Travel lightly

Having enormous luggage when you’re traveling alone can constantly concern you thus killing the fun and thrill of travel. So pack lightly by picking right accessories and attires with the ideal blend of base and complementary colors.  This will allow you for more creativity in fewer choices. Likewise, don’t junk your bag with unnecessary devices. Dubai is a shoppers’ paradise means you can buy your favorite gadget or stuff with much ease and obviously at unbelievable prices.

  • Traveling In and Around Dubai  

With an array of convenient public transportation choices operated by Road and Transport Authority (RTA), including metros, buses, taxis, water buses etc., you can easily travel in and around Dubai. Moreover, there are a plenty of reliable service providers offering safe private vehicles with driver and guides. Rent-a-cars are also available, if you wish to get behind the wheel, but you should possess an international driving license.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol in public

It’s strictly forbidden to consume alcohol in public, although you can purchase it from duty free shops within the airport. You can also buy drinks from night clubs, bars and a few restaurants but remember it’s a serious crime if you’re ever caught being drunk in public.

  • Take advantage of ladies-only days

To avoid unreceptive stares and of course get lost in utmost independence and recreation, visit amusement parks, beaches, and night clubs on ladies-only days. Two or three days in a week will be allotted for women only and no adult  males will be allowed to enter these facilities on these days.

  • Personal Safety

Dubai is top on the list of safe places to visit in the Middle East. That said, it is prudent to remain alert and follow necessary defenses to take care of yourself as well as your belongings. Avoid strangers trying to befriend you. Similarly be cautious when you’re in crowded places and don’t hesitate to instantly turn down drinks offered by unknown people. It is further advisable to buy travel insurance before your Dubai visit, which will prove helpful for you to tackle any kind of unforeseen or unexpected events.

  • Walk with these things: right attitude, awareness, and finally a confident outlook  

Traveling alone has its own defies because lonesomeness or lack of companionship can be sometimes tremendously overwhelming. But regardless of how much lonely you’re, do not allow this anxiety clearly reflect on your face. Blend in easily and maintain a confident as well as optimistic vibe all throughout your trip while savoring every moment of your stay in this glistening Arabian metropolis. After all, traveling alone and being your own anchor is a luxury not everyone gets to enjoy.

Important telephone numbers you should know

  • Police

Emergency Situation: 999

Non-emergency situation: 901

  • Ambulance: 998
  • Fire: 997
  • Coast Guard: 996
  • Government Hospitals
    • Dubai Hospital: 04 219 5000
    • Rashid Hospital: 04 219 1000
    • Latifa Hospital: 04 219 3000

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