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Chocolate Shoes Milan

Delizioso – Top Spots for Chocoholics to Visit in Milan.  Tour Milan by Chocolate!

Most of us love bringing home some souvenirs from the new places we’ve visited, and chocolate is probably one the most popular and sought-after items in this regard.  Indeed, each country has its own unique and original recipe for the preparation of this delight and Italy is no exception.  Chocolate has become firmly established in the life of Italians, and is an integral part of Italian cuisine.  Trendy Milan has several secret places where you can taste the unmatched Italian chocolate and other incredible desserts – these spots should not be missed!

Arte Del Cioccolato

Chocolate Shoes Milan
A visit to this chocolate boutique will help you to discover all kinds of chocolate from the famous regions of Italy. All the sweets offered in the store are handmade and have interesting design. For example, you can try a chocolate ring or earrings. Another advantage of the store is that it provides special conditions for loving couples.
Address: Via Giuseppe Piolti de ‘Bianchi, 33, 20129 Milano

Gay Odin
A specialty dish of the store is named «la foresta», which represents chocolate pieces of different sizes, resembling a wood structure. The dish is highly appreciated because it’s made with the help of special devices that were previously used by our ancestors. Also, you can buy a lot of marmalade or delicious sweets of bitter and milk chocolate, as well as sweets with a variety of fillings, including liquor. The shop is open every day except for Sunday.
Address: Via S. Giovanni sul Muro, 19, 20121 Milano

Cioccolato Cabosse
This store is a true heaven for any Sweet Tooth, which offers its visitors various kinds of chocolate sweets with different fruit and nut stuffing. Everyone can taste dark chocolate in praline or enjoy a mug of hot chocolate.
Address: Via Montebello, 25, 20121 Milano

Neuhaus Maitre Chocolatier

Neuhaus Maitre Chocolatier
This store is recommended for the fans of the famous Belgian chocolate. The visitors can try glazed and dark chocolate with pieces of nuts, dried fruit and praline, and chocolate with the flavor of coffee. Another feature of the store is that you can order there letters and postcards made of chocolate, which can be ordered individually. Such a treat will cost your around €10. The store is open every day except for Sunday.
Address: Via San Vittore, 6, Milano

Guido Gobino

Guido Gobino Hot Chocolate
Guido Gobino is a Piedmont chocolate shop in Milan, where everyone can enjoy a chocolate cream with nuts, various kinds of mini chocolate bars and much more. Also, you can order there a takeaway hot chocolate with vanilla cream for €2.5. The shop is open every day, so you can check it out whenever you want.
Address: Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 39, Milano


Venchi Chololate Milan
Venchi is another Piedmont shop specializing in chocolate produce. The store offers chocolate cakes with various additives, chocolate candies filled with rum, bars of white chocolate with pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and dark chocolate cream with rum. If you want to prepare some chocolate yourself, you can purchase the necessary ingredients for that in the shop. The fans of hot chocolate can taste the drink just for €3.
Address: Via Mengoni, 1, Angolo Via T.Grossi, 20121 Milano

Pasticceria Sissi
Located near Porta Venezia, Sissi Confectionery is a true piece of France in the center of Milan. The visitors of the store have different opinions: some say that you can try there the best croissants in the city, while the others claim that there is nothing more delicious than hot chocolate muffin. One of the features of the confectionery is a cozy courtyard, where it is always very nice and quiet.
Address: Piazza Risorgimento, 6, 20129 Milan

Pasticceria-confetteria Cova Milan

Pasticceria-confetteria Cova
This old confectionary is located closely to La Scala Theatre, so very often it becomes a meeting place of famous artists, writers, musicians, and the aristocracy, who go there to discuss the performance, to chat about politics, and of course to drink some coffee and try the delicious pastries. The recommended specialties of the store are the famous Sachertorte, tarts with fresh strawberries, panettone prepared by the secret recipe and very fragrant espresso. In addition, Cova store offers to buy chocolate gift sets and books depicting the confectionery of the middle of 19th century.
Address: Via Montenapoleone, 8, Milan

So, if you cannot imagine your life without sweets don’t forget to visit Milan’s local shops selling the best chocolate delights.  Finally, it should be mentioned that true fans of chocolate are recommended to rent a car in Milan and set off to Turin, which is considered the most important chocolate production center in Italy. The residents of Turin have the reputation of the true connoisseurs of chocolate and inventors of sweets and chocolate-based beverages.

In addition, it is exactly the place where the famous Bicerin drink was created, which is the pride and major chocolate attraction of Turin. Every year thousands of tourists visit Turin to attend the CioccolaTo festival which takes place on the largest square of Turin; for two weeks all the famous Italian chocolatiers present their produce, share the secrets of making chocolate, and introduce recent chocolate creations.

About The Author: Lily Berns is a travel writer and specializes in finding the best and brightest things to do for your travellings in different cities of the world.
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Tour Milan by Chocolate

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