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London Transport Advice: We all know London is famous for congestion.  Which Mode of Transport will be Best For You?

When it comes to modes of transportation around the capital city of London, there is definitely no shortage of different options to choose from. With buses, the underground, DLR trains, regular trains, bikes, taxis, and even the Thames river cruises, it can be a bit of a task for anyone looking to work out the best transport options.  Thankfully, we’ve weighed up the most popular transportation modes in London and have some advice for you.

London Buses

London Bus

London buses are one of the most popular ways to travel around the city. With at least one bus stop on almost every street, you’ll find that the iconic red buses tend to run like clockwork with one due every few minutes. Bus stops in the centre display the numbers of the buses which stop there, with a screen showing the ETA of the next bus to arrive. If traffic is heavy, getting the bus could be a time consuming option, though.

The London Underground

London Underground

Travelling on the London Underground or ‘tube’ is easily the most popular mode of transportation used by both Londoners and tourists to the city. There is an underground stop in practically every area, and it’s a fast way to get from A to B as there’s minimum delays and no traffic congestion. The only downfall to travelling on the Underground is that you won’t get a mobile phone signal – but the majority of stations now offer Wi-Fi.

Docklands Light Railway (DLR)

Serving the east of London, the DLR mainly operates around the river and docks. It’s an automated train system, which offers excellent views of the city – and only three DLR stations are underground. As with all other transport systems, you use your Oyster card or travel pass to travel on the DLR.

Boris Bikes

Boris Bikes London

The Santander Cycles in London, also known as ‘Boris Bikes’ are an excellent option for those looking for a cheap mode of transportation around the city. Although they may not be ideal for bad weather, hiring a Boris Bike can be done from as little as £2, making it a much cheaper option than getting on the bus, tube, DLR or train.

Thames River Cruise

Thames River Cruises

If you’re looking to get from one end of the Thames to the other, a Thames river cruise is a good transportation mode in order to get you there direct. There are sightseeing cruises which are a great option if you are a tourist and want to have a guided trip along the Thames, or if you’re simply trying to get to A to B, regular boats are available.

Your Own Car

Many people consider bringing their own car to London, however if this is an idea that you have it’s good to note that it may also be the most expensive option. From heavily congested streets which will no doubt use up your fuel to the congestion charge in the city and other tolls, you might end up paying more than you bargained for. The good news though is that you can pre-book parking in London, taking away some of the stress.

Docklands Light Railway (DLR)

Docklands Light Railway London

Finally, if you’re not driving and you’re fed up of public transport then you can always catch a taxi. Black cabs are notoriously expensive so trying using one of the minicab apps that are available on the market. The prices are often a lot lower than you’d expect.

Which transportation mode do you use?

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