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11 Dec

Planning A Trip To Australia By Instagram

Top 10 Instagram-Worthy Australian Landscapes To Help You Plan Your Adventure Downunder

Australia is a paradise for Instagram lovers. This vast country offers the most beautiful landscapes that are all teasing you to pick up your phone and take a photo. From the wide open Outback and iconic beaches, to rocky cliffs and coasts and mountain ranges, you can see some of the world’s most amazing natural wonders in the Land Down Under. We picked out 10 places that will wow you during  your journey and most definitely ensure your shot gets all the likes #nofilter

  1. Kimberley Coast

Western Australia’s inaccessible coastline boasts a high diversity of corals, world class sea grass meadows, world’s largest population of Humpback whales, and more than 2633 islands, while in the unforgiving desert in the back lie rich aboriginal culture, extensive mangrove forests, wild rivers, and waterfalls. The entire area is listed among the least impacted environments, so if you have an eye for natural beauty, you will make incredible shots at Kimberley Coast.

Kimberly Region Australia,

  1. Shark Bay

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is unique in many ways. It is the most westerly point of the continent, with the largest sea grass bed in the world, home to the ‘living fossils’ – stromatolites, a large population of dugongs, and five endangered species of mammals. Hamelin Pool is one of the three places on the planet where you can see living stromatolites.

Shark Bay Australia

  1. Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier will not amaze you with its size, or biodiversity, but its pink colour is simply eye-catching. The reason of the unique colour of the lake is unknown, although some theories suggest that it comes from the microalgae that inhabit it. The lake cannot be visited, it can only be viewed from the air, but since it is divided from the Pacific Ocean only by a thin shore, the blue of the ocean and the pink of the lake create a striking contrast on photos.

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  1. Kangaroo Island

The third largest island in Australia is famous for its wildlife. You can come across kangaroos, koalas, penguins, possums, sea lions, or wallabies, by walking on the beach. National parks cover more than a third of the island. Australia’s oldest lighthouse is located on the island, from which you can capture some of the best views. Do not miss the nature-sculptured Remarkable Rocks.

Kangaroo Island Australia,

  1. Great Barrier Reef

The largest living structure on the Earth lies off the coast of Queensland and it is a maze of colourful and picturesque coral reefs, inhabited by thousands of different marine species – fish, mollusc, dugong, and the endangered large green turtle. The Great Barrier Reef is a perfect spot for scuba diving and underwater photography.

Great Barrier Reef,

  1. Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains of Sydney were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2000 due to their majestic scenery. The mountains are a perfect contrast to the metropolitan area of Sydney, which is less than two hours away by car. The Three Sisters is the most iconic landmark of the region. According to an Aboriginal legend this stunning rock formation represents three sisters that were turned to stone to escape certain death. Take a bushwalk to soak in the scenery and make stunning photos.

Blue Mountains Australia,

  1. The Sydney Harbour

It is enough to say that two most iconic landmarks in Australia, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera, are located in the Sydney Harbour. One of the best spots for taking photos is the famous Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.

Sydney Australia,

  1. Uluru

Have you ever wondered how to capture spirituality on a photo? The answer is Uluru. The red monolith, which is millions of years old, dominates the landscape and looks equally majestic from a helicopter or hot air balloon, or when observed from the ochre coloured desert. Take a tour with a local Aboriginal guide and enjoy the ancient stories from the Dreamtime.

Uluru, Ayers Rock, Australia,

  1. Kings Canyon

Somewhere midway between Alice Springs and Uluru lies the Kings Canyon. If you are looking for astonishing views, you must take the 6km long Rim Walk down the walking trails beneath the 100 meter high sandstone walls. The trail goes through the picturesque ‘Lost City’ and the ‘Garden of Eden’. Some of the best night sky images can be taken here.

Kings Canyon Australia,

  1. The Outback

The forever stretching spaces, remoteness, the unknown, mystic, harsh, or in one word – the Outback. It is much more than millions of hectares of desert. It is the essence of the Australian pioneering spirit. The best way to explore it is to take a train trip on the Indian-Pacific railway and watch the landscapes fly by your window, or embark on a four wheel drive adventure down the Eyre Highway.

Outback Australia

So get busy planning your trip to Australia and consider what other countries do you consider #instaworthy!

About The Author:  Kate Flannery is a freelance designer and part time traveler. She enjoys blogging, crochet, and spicy authentic dishes.