Top Travel Gadgets For 2016 – Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

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The world of travel gadgets is always changing and lately for the better.  Gone are large bulky items and here to stay are lightweight, durable and convenient accessories to make our travel easier and more convenient.  The more I travel, the lighter and smaller my travel bag becomes, so it’s essential to make the most of the space I have and to take only the items that work the best.  So here’s a look at the top travel gadgets that you’ll want to pack in your bag for travel in 2016:

The Card Ninja

This small lightweight smartphone wallet has become indispensable on my iPhone.  Made of spandex and attached to your phone case with 3m adhesive, it’s perfect for tucking away a credit card, a few business cards, and some cash.  Throw you’re phone in your pocket and you’re set for a day touring and a bit of shopping.  I have found it a PERFECT place to carry my hotel room key and parking garage receipt!  No more rummaging through purses, pockets and bags, the key and parking garage slip is always right there when I need it.  Just $9.95, you can find the CardNinja at over 7,000 locations including Amazon.

The Hypnos Hoodie With Built In Inflatable Pillow

Hypnos Hoodie

This hoodie is a really great idea as evidenced by its popularity on Kickstarter.  It looks like a regular hoodie – an indispensable travel item in its own right – but has a hidden pocket in the hood that contains an inflatable pillow.  Now when you need to snooze on an airplane, in an airport, or most anywhere… just breathe into the inflator and pesto, you have a nice comfy cushion for your head.  Hypnos was fully funded on Kickstarter and has now gone into production.

Thin Optics Reading Glasses

Thin Optics Reading Glasses

These ultra thin and flexible reading glasses that come with their own slim case can be tucked in just about anywhere.  Stick them on the back of your phone, tablet, or toss them in your bag or tuck them in a pocket.  Carrying around your reading glasses has never been easier.  Thin Optics are available for $19.95 and are available in a rainbow of colors, making them a great travel item.

Elastic Stretch Shoe Laces

Elastic Shoe Laces

Readily available on the internet, elastic stretch shoe laces will turn any lace up shoe into easily removable slip-off loafers.  Get some for yourself and your kids so everyone can quickly remove their shoes in the TSA screening line.  It will make gathering your carry-on and slipping back into your shoes a breeze.

Magazine Reader App


By all means get yourself an app for reading magazines and never buy overpriced mags in an airport store again!  We have discovered several that are outstanding. and are free apps that will let you read thousands of magazines all listed by category totally free!  You can even download the magazine to read offline on the airplane.  Another contender is (formerly Next Issue) that gives you unlimited access to the most popular magazines and newspapers published today or archived past issues.  Available on a monthly subscription basis, I think you’ll find it a bargain for reading a very wide variety of premier publications like Conde Nast Traveller, National Georgraphic, People Magazine, Food Network Magazine, etc.

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