For Affordable Family Vacations, Head To Eastern Europe

For Family Adventures, Head for Eastern Europe For Best Holiday Bargains

Every year thousands of people pick up the travel brochures and attempt to decide the best destination for them. Unfortunately, many of the places in Europe, which are now in the Eurozone, have become increasingly expensive. This can place a huge amount of stress on your wallet. Fortunately there are some alternatives, eastern Europe in particular offers some amazing places to visit at reasonable prices:


Beach in Turkey

Bulgaria has beautiful beaches, often without another soul on them! It also has a fantastic mountain range which is best explored on a hazy summer’s day. Amongst the mountains you will find the medieval Tsar’s capital Veliko Tarnovo and the tantalizing Rose Valley. If you choose to continue through the range you will reach the village of Koprivshtitsa; every property is different and beautiful in its own right. There is an abundance of caves, pine forests and villages to explore before you head back to the golden sands and the deep blue water to refresh. There are several resorts to choose from or a wide range of hotels for every budget. The people are friendly and love children making it an excellent choice for your family vacation.


This is where the cultural excitement of Italy meets the exotic flavor of the Middle East. Turkey is a country of contrasts; there are hundreds of ruined buildings, untouched by human hand for centuries; many of them have historical significance. It is also a place where you can relax on golden sands, try out the latest water sporting equipment or simply soak up the ambience in one of the many beach bars. There are more mountains to explore here or you can enjoy the lively, disco atmosphere. If you prefer you can even visit the sands Patara where the ruins of the birthplace of Saint Nicholas still stand. Prices remain competitive, although for how much longer is anyone’s guess.



This country has an abundance of history; it is twice the size of Belgium and half the price; in the majority if places. It us a cultural Mecca and has at least sixty miles of beautiful, almost untouched beaches. There is a huge water park n the town of Druskininkai; a symbol of when it used to be the preferred destination for the top members of the Soviet Union. You can even see some fascinating examples of 1920’s and 1930’s architecture in the city of Siauliai; it is also home to a variety of museums and potentially the friendliest bars in the whole of the country! Whether you choose to visit as part of a package holiday or book it all yourself, it is advisable to hire a car and see all the sights properly.



If you think of Poland you will almost certainly think of Krakow; the home of the stag and hen party. However, its capital, Warsaw is now a glittering example of Soviet architecture and modern buildings; creating a surreal, challenging, yet beautiful landscape. The best advice is to rent a vehicle and explore the surrounding area; there are several beautiful beaches which stretch down towards the mountain ranges. You can also visit the impressive sand dunes; the tallest in Europe or even take a boat trip around the lake and see Adolf Hitler’s former headquarters!


This country has a huge amount if history associated with it; it is so well preserved ecologically speaking that you can literally walk through the last thousand years! There are Roman ruins dotted all over the countryside and beautiful sandy beaches which border the Mediterranean and allow you to swim in some truly magical spots. There are an abundance of restaurants and even some bars to keep you entertained as the sun slowly sets. There are several resorts which are aimed at families and have water parks and other activities for the children. You may also be pleasantly surprised at how far your money will go!

Eastern Europe is an exquisite destination for a family vacation. It is convenient, stunningly beautiful, and entertaining. Whether you want to see museums, hike, or explore the amusements parks with your kids, or you’d rather enjoy sheer comfort in a mountain resort, you should know that this part of the world has it all.

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