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Limassol Marina Cypress

Experiencing the best of Limassol

Limassol Marina Cypress

Limassol is the second largest city on the island of Cyprus. Stretching along the Mediterranean coast in southeastern Europe, it offers a wide range of activities and landmarks to visit. Limassol is a city on a mission. It has been one of the busiest port cities in the Mediterranean for quite a few centuries but it hasn’t always been a top-of-mind- vacation destination. This is rapidly changing of course, thanks to the dedicated effort of local authorities, citizens and the business community. A large-scale urban remodeling programme has endowed the city with a brand new marina and a beautiful beachfront park. These attractions complement the Old Port and the Medieval Castle, forming a metropolitan area worth exploring and photo shooting… Stylish hotels and spa facilities cater to the needs of the discerning traveler. If you are planning a visit around the Orthodox Easter (May 1) you will enjoy the city at its best. Below are some tips to help you make the best of the vibrant city of Limassol.

  1. Saripolou Square

Saripolou Square is usually frequented by people enjoying the cafés, restaurants and a wide range of entertainment options. The Square breathes new life into the Old Town and leads to Limassol’s major points of interest, such as the Catholic’s Church, the Cyprus University of Technology, the Castle and the Municipal Market. Stroll around the area and enjoy the city’s lively vibe. Keep in mind that Limassol is the nightlife capital of Cyprus so get ready to enjoy the fun until the wee hours.

  1. Commuting

Limassol Bicycle Lane

Limassol is often enjoyed on a bicycle and perhaps this is the reason why Limassolians are dedicated cyclists both on and off road. Limassol has an excellent bus service but bicycles are more fun and available to rent for as much as €1.50 per hour. If you choose to rent a bike, the rental service will provide you with maps and directions to the main tourist attractions. When riding around the city, you may enjoy the avenues and the picturesque seafront points of interest and you will find the ride along the marina and the beach front park absolutely thrilling.

  1. The Municipal Market

The market opens early in the morning and gives us a glimpse of the past. A stone building, originally constructed in 1917, it has been totally refurbished and is full of light and wonderful offerings, such as traditional products, herbs, spices, sweet delights and fresh produce. The most enjoyable part of my visit was listening to the locals speak their dialect (a particular sounding form of Greek) and buying quaint little souvenirs for friends and family. The market covers 3000 square meters and it features copious bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy a drink or a meal.

  1. The beach bars

Cyprus Beach

It is almost always sunny in Limassol. Which is why both locals and visitors find the beach bars irresistible. World class DJs grace their decks, famous designers create their décor while graceful waiters make sure that each guest is well taken care of. Sun beds are usually sought after, so make sure you make a reservation in advance. For the more active and sports- oriented visitors there is plenty on offer: kite-surfing schools, scuba diving centers and yachting clubs.

  1. Inspiring walks

Sanctuary Apollo Cyprus
Limassol is a delightful place for walking. One may enjoy a stroll at the beachfront park and the marina but that’s not all. The Apollon Hylates Nature Path, located at the northwest of the city, begins at Apollo’s sanctuary, Hylates, passes by the Kourion ancient stadium and ends on a hill with a magnificent view of an ancient village and Episkopi Bay. The path stretches for about 2 km and it is fairly easy to walk. There are not many trees around though. If you prefer to see some local flora, head to Polemidia National Forest Park, located 6 km north of Limassol. The Polemidia Park offers observation points, a picnic area, a demanding sports trail, sports grounds plus nature paths.

About The Author:  Aria Brown travels frequently and writes sparingly. She likes islands, loves the Mediterranean and plans to retire there.

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