Coming Soon, Luxury Pet Hotel and Airline Terminal at JFK

Pet Boarding, Pet Resort Hotel, Veterinary Hospital, Animal Quarantine, and Animal Import/Export Facilities are all part of the luxury animal-only terminal being built at JFK airport in New York.  Slated to open later this year, The Ark airport terminal will become the world’s only full-service luxury airport terminal designed specifically for animals.


We all love our pets and are distressed whenever we have to leave them behind.  Airlines report that we are bringing our pets along when we travel in ever increasing numbers.  Now your pampered pets will have an airport resort  designed just for them; providing airline pet boarding assistance and kenneling all with amenities to rival any five-star hotel.  Bone-shaped splash pools, massages, spa treatments, grooming services and special pet menu selections are all part of The Ark’s Paradise For Paws resort.  Just like Noah, The Ark will welcome animals of varied species including dogs, cats, birds, horses, exotic animals and even livestock!


Specially designed facilities for horses include pens made with soft, hoof-friendly flooring and climate controlled holding pens with natural lighting.  Cats will jump to their heart’s content on a specially constructed jungle gym.  And the obedience training school my just guarantee a better behaved pet when you return from your trip than when left.

All in all, the 48 million dollar project promises to be The Place to be for every well traveled pet.  For more information about The Ark project and when it be complete, visit



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