Your Ultimate Packing Checklist For Traveling Solo to the Beach

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Your Ultimate Packing Checklist When Traveling Solo in the Beach

“All my bags are packed; I’m ready to go…”

Oh wait, no. Those who are traveling solo for the first time will have all sorts of emotions all at once: excited, anxious, and terrified. I know I have. It’s impossible to not feel all these emotions when you are to embark on an unfamiliar territory.

Solo Packing for the beach

Solo travel is gaining ground especially among millennials. Yes, the adventure-seeking generation that can’t seem to stay behind a desk or in an office cubicle. In a global survey last year, 37% of millennial respondents indicated they intend to take at least an overnight leisure trip alone. Expedia reports that the beach remains the top destination for travelers.

Solo travel sure is exciting, but if you are doing it for the very first time, you have to breathe, relax, and write down a few notes. You must establish your very own checklist for solo travelers first. The danger in solo travel is that people tend to either over-prepare or under-prepare. Some don’t use half of the clothes they packed while some forget essential items like sunscreen for a beach escapade.

Here is an ultimate packing checklist for solo beach goers.

Just the Comfortable Beach Wear

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Emphasis on the word comfortable. You are going to the beach after all, so choose clothes that are soft and not bulky. Go for summer dresses that you can wear on a stroll by the beach, dinner, and parties. For girls, you may bring maxi dresses that you can style in four different ways for a different look on every beach activity. Ditch the shoes and keep cosmetics at a minimum. Don’t bother bringing towels because resorts and hotels definitely have them. Roll up your clothes for more luggage space.

Gentlemen, your beach packing checklist should include two pairs of board shorts, a comfy shirt, and slippers. Go for quick-drying clothes, too.

It would also help to book a hotel with laundry service so you can have some washed and you don’t have to bring a lot. Plus, you get to go home with a bag full of clean clothes.

Protect Yourself

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Sun-kissed shoulders are different from getting burned. A sunburn develops when you stay out in the sun too long and do not apply sufficient sunscreen. Make sure you are protected with sunscreen and re-apply as necessary. Don’t forget your shades and hat, too. Also, don’t neglect your hair and protect it as you would your skin. Bring with you a bottle of natural oil such as raspberry seed or coconut oil. If you’re not going to wear a hat, try massaging a zinc oxide sunblock cream onto your scalp.

Speaking of protection and staying safe, don’t forget to add in your beach packing checklist a first-aid kit and some medicines. I’m not asking that you prepare for the ER, just bring the common meds for a migraine, upset stomach, fever, etc. When you intend to travel solo, remember to always travel safely.

Don’t Forget Your Smartphone

There’s a very small chance that you would forget your smartphone, but well, just in case. As a solo beach traveler though, you have to know how else your smartphone can be of use during your vacation other than the usual SMS, calls, email, and social media. Download apps for beach goers for a more enjoyable vacation. Some of the must have apps for beach goers are those that let you edit vacation photos, listen to beach music, read e-books, and give you options of the best local restaurants and activities.

Waterproof Zip Bags

These bags will be your best friend on your solo beach trip. Most of us bring valuables, such as phones, cameras, sunblock, shades, some cash, and hotel keys, when we hit the beach. You want a waterproof bag where you can store them. If you want to bring a sandwich, zip bags are also the way to go. If you will be buying souvenirs, a waterproof bag will also be very useful.

The Other Essentials

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You know what makes people panic? A charger left at home. Essentials such as phone and laptop chargers, earplugs, ATMs, credit cards, licenses and IDs, and other travel documents should be on top of the checklist for solo travelers. Essentials and valuables should be in your hand carry so they are easy to access.

The ultimate packing tip for solo beachgoers is to stick with the basics. Try to have self-imposed restrictions for a hassle-free and light travel. Research and decide what activities you would like to do while on the beach. Do you really need a laptop? Are you really set on jogging and can’t ditch the rubber shoes?

You will make a lot of decisions on the trip, better start making the right ones while packing. Now, are you ready?

About The Author:  Emily Harper is a busy housewife who finds the time to blog. She loves to travel, explore new places and experience new cultures.

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