New Trends in Camping Equipment for 2016

Anevay Portable Camping Stove

What’s New in Camping Equipment?  New equipment and gadgets are making camping easier than ever.

The right camping equipment can go a long way in improving your experience when you’re out there roughing it in the wild. From core camping gear that will improve your ability to tackle challenging conditions to gadgets and tech that caters to the modern camper – the range of camping equipment available nowadays is nothing less than amazing.

New Camping Trends

Regardless of whether you’re a minimalist outdoorsman or more of a car camper, some of the new camping equipment that has been starting to hit the shelves this year is bound to catch your eye. The only real question is: What are you looking for and where are you going to explore?

Tents and Shelter

As is the case every year, the consumer demand for lighter, more portable, and easier to set up tents is the focus – and many of the new tents cater to that. By using new lightweight materials and simplified designs, you can expect that most new tents will weigh much less while still being able to hold their ground against the elements.

Although the improvements when it comes to tents and shelter may be generally spread across the board, there are several interesting new types of tents that are bound to appeal to campers:

  • Krumholtz UL2 mtnGLO with its patented tent lights that integrate seamlessly into the body of the tent instead of requiring a separate unit.
  • Marmot Colfax series of tents that cater to different capacities and have a versatile extendable design so they can be expanded or shrunk to suit your needs.
  • Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock that is one part tent, one part tarp, and one part hammock and can be suspended between trees or staked to the ground.

Portable Outdoors Cooking

New Trends in Camping 2016

Whether it is to heat up some basic food, huddle around for warmth or even host your very own outdoor barbeque – tent stoves, burners and fire kits are all fairly essential for camping.

Most of the advancements in stoves tend to focus on several different areas. Some use new types of fuel, while others improve energy efficiency or provide various other extras to making cooking outdoors more convenient. Of course portability is also a key area where new designs allow for stoves that can be compacted and are light enough to carry around in a backpack.
As far as cooking-related camping equipment is concerned, the more exciting new additions include the:

  • Biolite Wood Burning Campstove that burns small twigs and kindling while recharging a battery that can be used to charge smartphones and other gadgets.
  • Coleman Firestorm Stove that is a multi-fuel stove renowned for its versatility and ability to deal with extreme conditions.
  • Campingaz Party Grill featuring an all-in-one multi-cooking option stove that can be used with a stove top, grill, wok, plancha, griddle or roast.

Sleeping Bags and Systems

The trusty sleeping bag is a time-honored camping tradition, and while it is still just as relevant nowadays as ever before – other sleeping systems are starting to become increasingly popular too.

When it comes to protection against the elements it is hard to contest the benefits of being able to zip into a sleeping bag that will cover you from head to toe and provide you with warmth and protection. However if you’re camping in a calm and warm climate then that might not be necessary – in which case something more comfortable (but still portable) might be preferred.

Neoair Camping Mattress

Depending on what type of sleeping bag or system you’re looking for you may find one (or more) of these new varieties appealing:

  • NeoAir Camper SV is an inflatable sleeping mattress that has been turning heads with its special valve system that allows it to quickly inflate and deploy.
  • Nemo Sleeping Bags has several new designs including the Salsa, Moonwalk and Mummy that cater to all sorts of different conditions.
  • Outwell’s Conqueror Sleeping Bags include a single or double design that is roomy, warm, and yet packs into a compact bundle.

Solar Power Charger - Power Monkey

While that covers most of the new camping gear in terms of essentials, there’s a lot of other great accessories out there as well. From the new PowerMonkey Portable Solar Charger to the great little Flapot Foldable Pot, it is definitely worth checking out some of the other new releases and seeing what might be useful to you on your next trip.
It goes without saying that every camper is different and the type of equipment they would need varies accordingly. While many people still enjoy the challenge of braving the wild in its raw and unadulterated form, others prefer a tamer outdoor excursion in a relatively comfortable fashion. Assuming you know the kind of experience you’d prefer, it shouldn’t be too hard to find the equipment that would best cater to your needs and provide you with the tools you require when you’re camping.

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