Europe’s Top 5 Cities For Romance

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Romantic Venice Grand Canal

5 Best Places to Visit in Europe With Your Lover in 2016!

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2016 could be your chance to tell your other half how much you love them. While some will buy presents or place rose petals on every piece of household furniture, you should take it one step further. Europe offers the most romantic cities in the world. Here is a list of 5, some known, some not as well which will be sure to sweep your partner of their feet.

Prague Skyline

The capital of the Czech Republic has a reputation for bachelors and families, but the exciting city offers so much for couples too. Walk through its cobbled streets and along the river Vltava which often sparkles when the sun hits at the right angle. The famous castle is a great place to visit and you can pretend you are a King and Queen for an afternoon.

A visit to Cesky Granat Turnov where you can buy your partner a ring with a Garnet is a great couples shopping experience. Garnet ‘s is a ruby like stone which are mined just outside the city. Prague is a great alternative city to visit and may surprise you!


Paris Skyline at night

Talking of clichéd romantic cities what would a list be without Paris. Paris, also named the city of love, is full of treasures.  As a couple you can spend a fun afternoon at the Parc Astérix which has fun attractions and is more popular among Parisians than Disney. If you are looking for something romantic, avoid the Pont des arts, it doesn’t exist any longer and only contains street art now.

Go instead to the Ciel de Paris which is located on the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower and offers a 360 view of the French capital. You may also consider having a walk around the lac Daumesnil in the Bois de Vincennes. After a lunch break there at the Chalet des Iles restaurant, you can go for a boat ride. What romantic break doesn’t involve a boat ride? Check Wicked Good Travel Tips for the latest information on Paris.


Romantic Venice Grand Canal

It may be a bit smelly in summer, but if you really want to blow the socks off your partner and money is no object, what better place to impress a loved one than to glide along the canals of Venice. Make sure to travel on the water taxi from the airport, it may be expensive at €90, but is well worth the view and the sense of grandeur of arriving by boat.

Make sure to visit the Rialto market and if you have access to a kitchen, make sure to pick up some fresh ingredients to cook for your partner and doubly impress them. If you can’t cook, try a local bacaro where the residents usually dine away from the hordes of tourists filling up St. Mark’s square. If architecture is more your thing, then almost every building is a delight, but check out the San Moise Church with its baroque style. It was also the birthplace of the casino with its Il Ridotto wing and you can walk the corridors pretending to be 17th Century high rollers!


Romantic Ljubljana Slovenia

The capital of Slovenia. If you haven’t heard or been to Slovenia, then you are missing out! Situate between Croatia and Italy this hidden gem contains fairy-tale landscapes and cities to match. Ljubljana translates directly as ‘beloved’ so is made for a romantic getaway. Cycle or walk up Castle Hill and you can see why this city is becoming more and more popular. The cute European building have a folksy feel and will make you feel like you’re walking in an old nursery rhyme or mythical tale. Like any self-respecting city the river offers tours and boat trips and should not be missed! If you want somewhere to go and discover together then this might be the perfect place for and him/her.


Romantic Turin Italy

This elegant, Alp-fringed city, lying in a valley, surrounded by an alpine background is perfect for an alternative romantic trip. Listed in the NYT 52 best places to go in 2016, Turin has beautiful parks, such as the river-located Parco del Valentino; mysterious hidden streets, a medieval castle, and beautiful hills.

Also, when it comes to romantic dinners, Turin’s restaurants are a welcome surprise for food lovers, serving a wide selection of exquisite traditional dishes in amazing locations. You can choose between the district of San Salvario, where modish restaurants and bars line the streets; or you can go on the city’s beautiful Piazza Vittorio, where you can dine at Porto di Savona restaurant, opened in 1863 when Turin was the capital of Italy (1861-1865).


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