Top Rules For a No Regrets Visit to Vegas

Top rules for visiting Las Vegas and increasing your chance of coming home a winner.

Las Vegas Skyline

Since 1931 when the state of Nevada legalized gambling, Las Vegas has been known as the entertainment capital of the world. If you are among the many travelers looking to try your luck in the City of Neon Lights, super-sized gambling halls and world class entertainment, then here are our top five rules to follow when visiting Las Vegas. By following our helpful hints you will be able to enjoy an exciting holiday, experience all of the sights that this impressive city has to offer, and keep some of your winnings!

1 – Visit Vegas during the week

If you are able to book your Las Vegas vacation on a weekday then you will benefit from significant reductions on hotel rates and flight plans. On average, Las Vegas hotel resorts charge guests up to three times more to stay in their establishments over the weekend than during the week. By visiting Vegas during the week you will also benefit from significantly reduced queues in casinos, bars and restaurants which are associated with the weekend crowds.

2 – Set a limit for yourself before departing

Before you begin your Las Vegas holiday it is vital to plan a realistic gambling allowance and to stick to it. As gambling website Wink Bingo advocates;”Taking the time to work out a playing budget will ensure you don’t slide into financial trouble and will guarantee that gaming remains fun, relaxing and carefree”. Subsequently, regardless of whether this limit is $100 a day or $500, by setting yourself a clear limit and walking away once you have reached it, you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite slots machines and table games without jeopardizing your finances upon returning home.

3 – Separate your winnings

Following on from the previous point, it is advised that you keep your winnings separate from your daily gambling allowance. By separating your winnings throughout the course of your holiday you will be able to prevent yourself from betting too much and ensure that you walk away from your Las Vegas vacation with a guaranteed win!

4 – Play against tourists

When visiting the hotel resorts and casinos along the internationally renowned Las Vegas Strip, it is important to recognize that these establishments are frequented by seasoned local gamblers as well as ambitious tourists. Consequently, if you sit down to a table game and notice that the dealer has greeted several players by name then it is recommended that you bow out and take your money elsewhere. This is due to the fact that these experienced players gamble in Las Vegas every day and make their living from ambitious tourists. Ultimately, whether your game is Texas Hold’Em or Blackjack, by opting to play against fellow tourists you will be far more likely to walk away a winner than if you hedge your bets against local pros!

5 – Play table games

When visiting Las Vegas it is advised that you try your luck at table games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker rather than opting for slots machines. This is due to the fact that, according to a recent study; “Gamblers lost $600 over a 16 hour period in Las Vegas compared to just $40 at Las Vegas table games”. If you enjoy playing slots machines, then it is advised that you opt to play online rather than in the casinos themselves. Mobile gambling apps will enable you to play all manner of slots machines and bingo games in Las Vegas at far better odds than the casinos’ slot machines!

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