6 Places To Make Magical Family Memories in Toronto

Toronto Tommy Thompson Park

Top 6 Amazing Places for a Families to Visit in Toronto

Toronto Top Parks - Playground

Toronto is the right place for your family vacation with lots of exciting places for families to visit.  Toronto is a green city with lots and lots of parks, gardens and children’s playgrounds. All of them are in apple-pie order. You can also visit the wilder part of nature. Many parks are naturally wild, looking like forests. You can meet deer, foxes, beavers there on a condition you are attentive.  On the tamer side, there are cultural city parks, with a nice lawn, picnic tables, and never-ending pathways. You can meet lots of local people there, walking, playing and admiring nature at its best. Which of them will suit you the most?  Here’s a look at the best family friendly open spaces in Toronto:

High Park Toronto

Toronto High Park

This is the biggest and beautiful park in Toronto. It is situated on the hills, going further to pastoral lake, where ducks and geese live the year around. Between the trees you can find a little garden with fountains and mini water-hills. It is a real pleasure to come here in spring, when the trees blossoms. High Park is a place for festivals, where you can meet musicians, painters and other interesting artists.
There is a free zoo for children and parents. You can meet lamas, wild goals and peafowls there. Usually, children like playing on a big wooden playground in a form of middle-aged castle with bridges, towers and ladders. All these pleasures are for free!

Tommy Thompson

Toronto Tommy Thompson Park
This park is famous of its birds’ population and long-long walking road. All the city bike riders gather together here for making trip pleasure and funny. The park looks like a narrow half-island, going to Ontario Lake. Who lives here? You can meet a lot of birds and interesting flora samples. Anyway, country does everything for turning this island into green oasis. This is a great job. The place is growing and changing rapidly.

Tommy Thompson place is surrounded by water. That is why it is always wet and windy here. Be ready to wear something warm just in a hot day. There is one more unexpected thing: it is difficult to find a shadow place in the whole island. Try to bring water with you, walking with kids. By the way, the entrance is also free.

Toronto Botanical Garden

Toronto Botanical Gardens
Botanical gardens are usual places for every country. Canada is not an exception to the rules. Toronto Botanical Garden is a place, where you can walk and learn everything about plants.

There is a chance for your family meet with different plants in 17 thematic gardens. Cozy alcoves and benches lead straight to the calm river, flowing through the garden. There are lots of geese and fish here. If you want to get more information about garden, you can visit an excursion with a talkative guide.
What is more amazing, a summer camp for kids functions every season – they will be taught to take care of plants.

Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo
Not far from Tronto there is a huge area of Toronto Zoo – local favourite. Be ready to walk a lot and feel tired at the end of your walking trip. Usually, a big colored bus is driving along the route, picking up tired visitors. There are lots of animals in the Zoo! You can see elephants, giraffes, lions, snakes and exotic butterflies. The list can be prolonged.
Moreover, everyone can find the right place for picnic on the Zoo territory. There are many special places for this aim. If you have no food, don’t worry! – There are some restaurants here. If you and your kids feel tired from animals, go further and find carousel. Visiting Zoo in summer or hot spring you can also play in a cute water park.

Finishing park thematic, it is important to add that there are many other parks and gardens in Toronto. They are smaller, but as much as interesting. Within hours of driving distance from Toronto, you can find a real forest with natural water falls, caves, fishing and real adventures. By the way, to make your trip comfortable and joyful, don’t hesitate and hire a car right now! It is your chance to see and learn more.

City Farms

Riverdale Farm

Riverdale Farm Toronto
There is a good chance for you and your kids to have rest in the open air. Loving history and active leisure, you can visit a city farm that was kept almost in original condition. The farm is not big, but very cozy. There are horses, cows, geese, pigs and sheep there. This farm is still active. It means that you can watch the pigs feeding and try to do milking.

Do you want to see an ancient turtle? Come and see the turtle in the lake on the farm territory. There is also an old Victorian house, furnished and accomplished with everything you need to learn more about history. It looks like people still live here.

Black Creek Pioneer Village

Toronto Black Creek Pioneer Village
This is a village of Canadian Pioneers, which was saved with the help of enthusiasts to the last detail. You can enter every house you like and listen to friendly 5-minuted lecture about ancient people, their life and household activities. You may visit a forger, weaver or woodworker – the choice is yours. You can even enter a local printing house to get a newspaper, dated of 1869.There are many interesting girls dressed in hoods with the hand-made buckets. Yu can also ride a horse or drive a cart.

Thus, visiting Toronto and being tired from city noise and adventures – come and see city farms. They are mostly situated not far from Toronto. Having car it is not a problem to get there anytime you want. The farmers are glad to welcome everyone, as a guest. Your kids can help gather fruits and vegetables in a farm garden.

Coming to Toronto in spring, don’t miss a maple syrup special festival. You will try tasty maple sweets and learn more about Canadian history. Having fun with the whole family, you should go fishing, watch birds and animals, win the mountain top and go camping. It is much better and more informative than sitting in a hotel or restaurant all day long. Toronto is worth seeing in all weather and seasons.

About The Author:
 Lily Berns is a travel writer and specializes in finding the best and brightest things to do for your travellings in different cities of the world.
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