Ultra Luxury in China at the Venetian Macao

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Venetian Macao Resort Hotel and Casino

Planning an adventure to China?  Here’s why you should include a visit to the Venetian Macao.

When it comes to luxurious casinos there are a few around the world that really are jaw-dropping. You’ve got the Casino de Monte Carlo, the crown jewel of entertainment in Monaco. Then there’s the Bellagio in Las Vegas, which has been featured in Hollywood blockbusters like The Hangover and Ocean’s 11. But the pick of the bunch is found in the far-east, where the legendary Venetian Macao has been built to astound both tourists and the residents who live there. Here are some of the reasons you should take the time to visit the Venetian Macao if you ever find yourself traveling in Asia.

Venetian Macao Resort Hotel and Casino


As soon as you walk through the doors there’s no doubting that you’ve entered somewhere special. The 40-story building complex cost a whopping $2.4billion to build, and it’s actually the largest building in Asia (and fifth-largest building in the world). Knowing that you’re inside one of the biggest entertainment complexes in the entire world has to be a memory worth having.

The Facts

The Venetian Macao has an abundance of suites, 3000 of them to be exact. There’s also room for every type of event, with 1.2million square feet of convention space, 550,000 square feet of casino space and 1.6million square feet of retail space. There are 3,400 slot machines and 800 gambling tables, with a 15,000 seat arena for entertainment/sports events. This is definitely a venue unlike any other in the world.

Shops and Food

Venetian Macao Shopping

With over 350 brand-name retail stores at the Grand Canal Shoppes you really can shop until you drop, and when you’re done you can choose to eat at over 30 different restaurants. These eateries feature cuisine from all around the world, so there’s no chance of not being able to find something that you like. There are even replica canals that wind through the resort with 51 gondolas roaming the waters, hop on board and enjoy a romantic ride.


Venetian Macao Resort Suite

Of course, you can make your visit to the Venetian Macau last longer than a day if you really want to. Each of the 3000 rooms are at least 750 square feet or larger, with the larger ones approaching 2000 square feet. It’s hard not to wonder what a week staying in the Venetian Macao would be like.  Having won Travel & Leisure’s award for the Best Luxury Resort in South Asia, you can be sure the amenities and service are superb.

Macau is often known as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient”, and this casino is one of the main reasons why it has earned this reputation. This enormous resort was created to host some of the biggest entertainment events in the world, and is a place that people flock to for excitement and pampering. As long as you’ve brushed up on your Blackjack card values and know how to play poker like a pro, then a few nights in the Venetian Macao could be some of the most memorable of your life.


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