Ins and Outs of Prague With a Local – Top Tips for a Great Visit

Prague Skyline

Have you ever seen one of the oldest bridges in Europe? Do you want to try wine from a drinking glass like the one Charles IV owned? Did you know that world’s renowned Prague Dancing House was originally named “Fred and Ginger” after Aster and Rogers fame? Or that Old Town Square has the tastiest street food and most unique handicrafts – all are waiting for you to discover in Prague!

Prague Skyline

Remember: preparation for the journey can make or break the whole thing. Ensure a trouble free trip to Prague with our help and you will be astonished how many secrets are hidden from the view of the ordinary tourists and how small tips can influence the success of your journey to Prague.  Here are out tips to the Ins and Outs of Prague:

Take weather into consideration

The landscape of the city is hilly and that results in quick weather change. Get dressed in layers that fit any weather and do not forget about comfortable shoes. Mind that the city center is cobble-stoned so if you do not want to go stumbling along, better avoid high heels and you’ll be glad of cushioned soles.

Stay connected to the Internet

Many cafes in Prague have free Wi-Fi, though the need of the Internet may find you sightseeing somewhere far from such blessed places. Consider saving navigation maps in advance while waiting at the airport in the free Wi-Fi zones.

Do not wave for a taxi on the street

Let’s face it, taxi drivers in Prague (those who are standing around bus stations in particular) can be considered as stand-alone kind of drivers. Never, and we mean NEVER catch a cab on the street – they will run a sandy on you without a doubt. When you need a taxi, it’s preferable to use a reliable provider like – that guarantees fair prices and monitored behavior of the drivers.

Do not waste your money on tacky souvenirs

Old Town Prague

There are some things that are well worth purchasing: unique Czech wooden toys, porcelain and Moser glass products from Carlsbad. Search on the Old Town Square – there are many shops that offer art works of local masters of handicraft.

The best time to go sightseeing

Prague Castle

Plan your day in such a way that you will come to the Prague Castle, for example, at the sunset. During the day, such places are filled with people and you may feel uncomfortably crowded. In late afternoon the crowds are thinned and you’ll have more time to enjoy the exhibits.

Never exchange money on the street

That is true if you don’t want the exchange rate to unpleasantly surprise you. And avoid exchange offices in touristy places. Always ask in advance, how much local money you will get with the commission – the point is, tourists are tricked by different rates for different sums of money. Consider withdrawing cash from ATM in the local currency  – you can find three of them in the airport, for instance, or pay with a card where it is possible.

Places to visit

Drunkin House Building Prague

The Dancing House, also known as the Drunken House, is one of the must-sees of Prague, as it is rightfully considered to be an architectural masterpiece. Also check out the Astronomical Clock – an engineering miracle of the 15th century! 15th century’s  The Church of Our Lady before Týn with 11th century Ungelt courtyard is one of the most spectacular sights you will ever see in your life, guaranteed!  Enjoy your memorable visit to Prague.

Image Source:  Pixabay

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