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Everyone loves a beach.  Now popular cities away from a coast are creating beach scenes to rival your favorite seashore getaway.  So now you can have it all… the nightlife and restaurants of your favorite city and a beach hangout at the same time!

Guide To Best Urban Beaches From Paris to Philadelphia – Summer City Beaches Are Popping Up In Land-Locked Cities Around The World

July is almost here when all thoughts turn to lazing at the beach with friends.  In major land-locked cities across the globe, temporary beaches are popping along river banks to give city-dwellers and visitors a bit of sun and sand fun.  City beaches are not a new idea but, when Paris brought in sand and palm trees to line the banks of the Seine River in summer, the world took notice.  Paris Plages become an immediate passion for Parisians who couldn’t escape to the Med for a beach vacation.   You just can’t keep a good idea from spreading and soon pop-up urban beaches were being created in major cities across the world.  So grab you flip flops and beach chair and head to one of the world’s most popular pop-up city beaches!

Image: Commons Wikimedia – Peter Hass

Paris Plages – Along The Banks of The Seine
Leave it to Paris to set the trend in chic summer fun.  What began as one beach section along the Siene has grown to multiple locations in arrondissements located along the Seine.  Open from mid-July through most of August, the beach venues include beach chairs, umbrellas, swimming pool barges docked along the riverbank, kayaking, fountains and free evening concerts.

London Urban Beaches

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Beach London

You’ll find summer brings urban beaches all across London and beyond from Camden to the city center.  This summer you’ll want to experience the huge beach, giant children’s wading pool and amusements rides at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  In a nod to the Olympics in Rio this summer, the park will feature a giant screen TV where the Olympic competitions will be broadcast from August 6 – 21.  Most London urban beaches are open from early July until the beginning of September.

Amsterdam City Beaches
Amsterdam has always been known as a party city and it’s urban beaches are no exception.  Several city beach locations dot the city, including the man-made island of IJburg.  At Amsterdam’s urban beaches you can swim and soak up the sun, but you can also party out to live DJ entertainment, beach bars, campfires and even beanbag chairs to flop on.


Berlin Beach Bar
Image: Flickr:  strunkfacejones

Summer in Berlin is known as Beach Bars season.  With 30 Beach Bars throughout the city you’ll find everything from palm trees and canopied beach chairs, to live entertainment and vibrant sports venues.  Everyone’s having a good time at the city beaches in Berlin!

In the city center you’ll find Quai des Peniches near Place Sainctelette.  The city beach is open from the first of July until the 7th of August.


Copenhagen Harbour Baths
Image: Jacob Friis Saxberg – Wikimedia Commons

While it’s not surprising that Copenhagen has plenty of water activities along its coast, you’ll also find an elaborate summer beach venue right in the middle of the city.  The Harbour Bath Islands Brygge offers wonderful views of city as well as five swimming pools and grassy lawns for sunbathing.

Prague enjoy a summer urban beach with a spectacular view of the city.  Located along the banks of the Vltava River, you can sit on the sand and look across to the city.  Or in the city center you’ll find the Mediterranean Market with beach chairs surrounded by an eclectic mix of merchants.

You’ll find the summer beach party on Danube Island, a man-made oasis just minutes from the city center.  There are sand and pebble beaches, sports facilities and plenty of bars and restaurants.


Spruce Street Park Philadelphia
Spruce Street Harbor Park is a hammock filled park along the Delaware River in historic downtown Philadelphia.  Every summer a temporary village is created with a pop-up park with its signature hammocks, floating restaurant, and summer games along its waterfront boardwalk.

Image Source:  Google Commons
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