NYC Ice Cream Walking Tour – Strolling The Sweet Streets of New York

NYC Ice Cream Waking Tour

What could be more inviting than walking the streets of New York City, stopping to sample delicious ice cream along the way.  Come with us as we take a walking tour along the sweet streets of NYC.

NYC Ice Cream Waking Tour

Our family was recently hosted by Sugartooth Tours, who specializes in sweat walking dessert tours in NYC.  We booked our tour for Sunday on the 4th of July weekend and were relieved that the weather was a perfect day for walking the city, crystal clear and not too hot.  The ice cream tour is a 2.5 hour walking tour through Union Square, Soho, the Village and Little Italy.

Sugartooth Tours New York

Comfortable walking shoes are a must and bring a stroller if you will be taking little ones.  Our tour began at 1pm at Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit, and there were two other couples joining us.  Our guide, Regina, gave us lots of fun facts and historical knowledge as we walked.

Chloe's Ice Cream New York

Our first stop was in Union Square at Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit .  Chloe’s has amazing fruit ice pops and we all we picked one out to walk to our next ice cream spot. Our family tried Dark Chocolate, Banana and Strawberry and they all hit the spot.

Sundaes and Cones New York

Next stop was Sundaes and Cones in Soho. They had lots of interesting flavors like; Sesame, Lavender and Wasabi.  My son tried the sesame and was not a fan, but loved the chocolate. If  you’re up for a unique taste challenge, you should stop by and give some of their unusual flavors a try.  As part of what was included in our tour, we all got to try  a sample of the cookies and cream milkshake as well.

Davey's Ice Cream New York

Next stop Davey’s Ice cream in the East Village. They make all their own ice cream on the premises. We were treated to an ice cream cookie sandwich with Speculoos, Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, and rainbow sprinkles.  So Yummy.  The ice cream is so delicious it’s worth the trip to the East Village to support this local ice cream store and have some of the best ice cream you have ever tasted.

Odd Fellows Ice Cream New York

Odd Fellows in The Bowery was next on our list of stops.  We got to pick our choices of flavors here, I chose strawberry sorbet and my husband had banana pudding. They were both delicious.  To mix it up a bit they brought us to Rice to Riches, in Nolita, it’s a rice pudding shop that resembles a 16 Handles, where you can add your own toppings. They will deliver if you live in Manhattan. The cheesecake sample was included in our tour, so we all tried it, but it was not particularly liked by anyone in our group.  No one in our group wanted to try any other flavors after having that one.

Mo Il Gelato New York

Little Italy was our last stop with Gelato at, Mo IL Gelato A ’Putia.  We got to choose our flavor, strawberry and chocolate were the flavors of choice for my family.  If you are looking for a creamier, silkier, denser dessert, Gelato should be your choice. Gelato uses more milk than cream and no egg yolks in their formula compared to ice cream.  Gelato happens to be one of my favorite dessert treats. Mo IL Gelato creates a flavor of the day to add some variety their menu.  The day we were there it was Passion Fruit. It was delicious. We tasted many flavors, Mint chocolate chip and Salted Carmel were two of my favorites.

This was a great activity for a family visiting New York City.  Not only do you get an interesting walking tour with great neighborhood information, but delicious ice cream treats along the way.  The cost of the tour is $50 per person, and children under 3 are free. Sugartooth Tours offers a variety of tours such as; Bright Lights & Broadway Bites, Village to Village Cupcake Crawl across Manhattan, and Sweeter Than Sugar Chelsea & West Village Dessert Tour, to name a few.  They are well worth trying to tantalize your sweet tooth and see New York in a whole new way. They do have specially designed tours for the holidays as well. ‘

I can’t wait to try another one if the Sugartooth tours, and my 5 year old absolutely loved it.

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NYC Walking Tour by Ice Cream

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