7 Unforgettable Destinations in Western Australia

Western Australia Travel

7 Destinations in Western Australia That Will Wow Every Traveler

Western Australia Travel

Any experienced traveler will tell you that Australia has no shortage of unique and amazing experiences. However, what most travel guides fail to mention is the spectacular beauty hidden in the heights and depths of Western Australia.

Covering no less than one third of the continent, this amazing region deserves your undivided attention, and for a good reason! With all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes ready to sweep you off your feet, adventure is lurking around every corner. So, this time around, forget about Sydney, Melbourne, and the Great Barrier Reef, and instead, head off into a world of discovery that awaits you in Western Australia.

1. Perth – A Unique Urban Experience

Perth Australia Skyline
Often overlooked by guide books, the sun-swept skyline of Perth offers a unique and easy-going urban experience.  Although it is the state’s largest city and the capital, Perth is unlike any other city in Australia. The best way to get a taste of cosmopolitan vibe surrounding the city is to get lost and explore its diverse precincts. Discover the many faces of Wolf Lane through its bars and cafés, relax at Subiaco, or travel to Northbridge for a taste of the art scene. Another definite spot on your tour should be Kings Park, which provides you with 360° panorama view of the city and nearby Swan River.

2. Rottnest Island – A Weekend Favorite

Rottnest Island Western Australia
Rottnest Island sits just offshore from Perth. A favorite weekend spot among locals, a short ferry ride is all that separates you from day of sun, sea and surf at spectacular beaches. Strolling across the island you will be mesmerized by the beauty of both natural and man-made wonders. As you pass colonial houses and ancient Aboriginal excavations, you are likely to encounter a quokka. This small kangaroo will lead you through Rottnest’s stunning Natural Reserve, until you reach the West End Boardwalk to bask in the Indian Ocean. Once there, you can choose to head down the Vlamingh’s Heritage Trail, or ship back to the mainland, since ferries to Rottnest operate with regular departures to-and-fro.

3. Margaret River Valley – World Class Wining and Dining

Margaret River Valley Western Australia
Home to more than 150 vineyards, Margaret River Valley is a perfect place to try out Western Australia’s famous local wines. Due to its Mediterranean-like climate, the vineyards produce some of the world’s most elegant chardonnays and delicious cabernet sauvignons. Tours of both commercial and small family owned wineries are open to public, year round. Where there is good wine there is also great food, and Margaret Valley does not fall short when it comes to high-end restaurants. A variety of artisan cheeses, beef delicacies and truffles are also on the menu, all produced locally and organically. Once you have satisfied your appetite, enjoy the fragrance of the surrounding Eucalyptus forests, or explore the nearby secluded beaches and caves.

4. Geraldton – A Colourful Explosion of Wildflowers and Art

Geraldton, Western Australia
Every year from June to September, Australia’s west coast explodes into colour with the arrival of wildflowers. More than 12,000 species of flowers bloom during this time of year, and the best place to experience this colourful glory is in Geraldton. What makes this quaint little town so appealing is the fascinating ArtDrive Tour. With over twenty-two different art installations celebrating wildflowers, the Western culture and lifestyle, the journey will take you to the most amazing flower fields in the world. Choose the money-saving share accommodation offer to spend the night there. The town is located on the Indian Ocean Drive, so the money saved can easily fuel your Perth to Ningaloo road trip.

5. Recherché Archipelago – Bubble Gum Pink Lakes

Recherche Arcipelago Australia
Western Australia hides a number of bubble gum pink lakes in the Recherché Archipelago. The largest pink lake is Lake Hillier located on Middle Island. No-one knows exactly why the lake is pink, but scientists suggest that the colour may come from a bacteria nestled in lake’s salt crusts. A dense Eucalyptus forest surrounds the lake, giving off its distinctive fragrance and adding yet another unique tone to this already phenomenal sight. Adventure-seekers will be pleased to know that the islands also have a vast network of sand dunes, ideal for a wild off-road buggy experience.

6. Ningaloo Marine Park – Swimming with Giants

Ningaloo Australia Shark Diving
Dive into an underwater adventure of a lifetime, by traveling to Ningaloo Marine Park. Western Australia’s largest coral reef system is the home to over 500 species of tropical fish, yet the Park’s main attraction are the ocean’s gentle giants – the whale sharks. Guided scuba tours allow you to venture underwater and swim with these amazing animals. On the other hand, if you want to goof around with dolphins, Monkey Mia is the ideal place to have some deep-sea fun. You can also indulge in snorkeling through the lagoons at Coral Bay, or enjoy the beauty of the white sandy beaches.

7. The Kimberley – The Ultimate Bush Road Trip

Kimberley Region Western Australia
Further north lies Kimberley – the most diverse natural destination you’ll find anywhere on the continent. To fully immerse yourself in its wild beauty, go on an off-road 4WD journey. Start your trip at the forest-fringed beaches and make your way deeper into the Outback. The further you venture into the interior the less you will come across civilization, so a stop at Zebedee Hot Springs is essential. Your next stop should include the spectacular domed rock formations at Bungle Bungle Range, great for some landscape photography. Part of Purnululu National Park, the Range, has the most bio-diverse wildlife on this side of Australia, including dingoes, kangaroos, emus and wombats. To get the best experience travel during the wet season, as the rivers overflow and leave amazing waterfalls and blooming canyons in their wake.

These seven fantastic destinations are guaranteed to satisfy each and every traveler’s desire, and it’s pretty easy to imagine why. All that’s left for you to do now is pack up, and surrender to the colours, tastes, and sounds of Western Australia. The only real problem that awaits you is which one to visit first!

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