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Iceland Glacier Ice

Can Iceland Really Offer Perfect Otherworldly Conditions for Adventure?

Interested in finding the next great adventure location for your holiday? How about travelling to Iceland this year and see whether tourists who have been there are right when they say it is the land of otherworldly adventures. What could you do there? You could engage in a wide number of adventures in caving tours, ice caves, go for glacier hiking or even amazing snowmobile tours. The fun does not stop here. Just imagine yourself in a super jeep tour together with friends or hiking to master the world. Let’s see more about what Iceland has to offer to tourists around the world interested in having the adventure of their life.

Iceland Scenery

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

If you have ever dreamed of engaging in a caving tour, Snaefellsnes Peninsula is the perfect location for this. As soon as you get there, you will discover a world of diversity where all the amazing unique features of Iceland will be comprised in a single adventurous location. This legendary area has nothing but beauty and magic to offer the world. Going to a caving tour there is like understanding all about what Jules Verne used to say in his amazing Journey to the Centre of the Earth. There is 12-hour tours organized there which is sufficient time for gaining new thrilling memories from the new adventure of your life.

Glacier Wonderland

If you are prepared to take it to the next level, a tour in ice caves might just be the right option to consider. If you choose to enter the glacier wonderland you must reach the heart of Langjokull glacier in Iceland. You will not be disappointed by your discovery. You will get there in a monster truck that will allow you to see all the wonders of the ice tunnel on the amazing glacier. On the way to the ice cave, there are numerous beautiful sites to visit. Memories from your tour will always remain in your heart and you will have a lot to pass on to your friends from your expedition in lava fields, hot springs and the glacier world.

Iceland Glacier Ice

Go for a Glacier Walk Tour

Iceland is also the perfect location for adventurers interested in walking tours in the ever-changing landscapes and amazing glaciers of this area. All the necessary equipment will be provided to you there thus ensuring that you will have an enjoyable and safe glacier walk adventure with friends. There are day tours that you can consider as well as private ones if you are into something more interesting than you have ever heard. Simply being the witness of a natural phenomenon and walking on ice formatted decades ago will ensure the thrill you are looking for. However, your adventure will not stop there. Seeing the naturally created giant crevasses will make your heart jump with joy. The team of specialists is waiting to take you there and help you experience new adventures this holiday.

Travel around in a Jeep

If jeep tours are on your wish list, you should know that Iceland allows you to get this adventure checked out of your list as well. Travelling from Reykjavik to Eyjafjoll will prove to be an amazing jeep tour where you will encounter clear water rivers as well as glacial ones that will become part of your new adventurous trip. Great views on the tour are ensured.

Enjoy the walk along the amazing path that leads up to the waterfall and your camera will feel the thrill of amazing photography sessions. Relax your body and mind by listing to the amazing whispers of the waterfall while healing your heart with breath-taking views. This is a great way to get your batteries fully recharged. When you get back from your adventure, you will be able to face any new challenge in your life.

Iceland Jeep Adventure

Northern Lights Season

The Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon that brings surreal color to the night sky. Going to Iceland during this season will allow tourists the chance to experience an amazing adventure with guaranteed darkness and interesting colors that will give them new thrills of adventure. If you want to experience the phenomenon, you should consider staying there for at least seven days during season because it is an unpredictable event. Witnessing it will be a totally new experience for you. Just imagine yourself hunting the lights in a guided tour or during a self-drive to the area.

The beautiful green lights that attract tourists every year can usually be witnessed in Iceland from October until March. No certain date can be establish for it but if you schedule a one to two weeks tour there during this period you will most certainly be lucky enough to witness the great phenomenon. It usually happens when it is cold and dark enough outside. This is also what makes it so special: perfect lights taking over the supreme darkness of Iceland. This is definitely something we should all witness at least once in a lifetime.

The Northern Lights can be spotted by walking as well. All you have to do is get dressed and ready to see something amazing while enjoying a pleasant walk in darkness. Give your mind the relaxation it needs and amaze it with a great show of green lights playing in the dark. When the Aurora is strong enough the phenomenon is easy to observe immediately. It is better to witness it in a place where complete darkness surrounds you, far away from the city lights. This will allow you to gain new insights on this event.

Iceland Nothern Lights

Iceland is an amazing holiday location for people interested in having fun in more ways that they can even imagine. You have a lot of great views to contemplate in the area and numerous tours to engage in so feeling bored is never an option there. Feeling like the new character in an adventurous movie is the type of experience you can live in Iceland.

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