6 Epic Spots For Adventures in Germany

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Six Sites For Epic Adventures in Germany

The Germans are still trying to make us think that they are too temperate to have anything to do with adventure, but they can’t fool us. Germany has every vital ingredient that would pump up a crazy wild ride for any adventurer. So without any further ado, here are the six epic adventure spots that you can discover on your next trip to Germany.

⦁    Bastei

Batei Epic Adventure Germany

This masterpiece created with the empty hands of Mother Nature has enough magic in it to summon the explorer in you. This dramatic rock formation which reaches 636 feet above one of the main rivers of Central Europe, the Elbe, should be one of the top reasons to visit Germany. The view of this natural wonder will give you goosebumps instantly. It looks like a royal fortress for Giants, and it is full of echoes that call for an epic adventure.

Once here, you can journey into a timeless exploration of its vast territory in shape of a maze. The sandstone bridge will carry you on a 76.5 trip over beautiful formations of pinnacles. You can also visit the nearby attraction points of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Here you can take several of the 15,000 possible routes to explore the unique landscape that only porous rock can create. Any adventurer that sets foot in Germany should find one way or the other to this enchanting place.

⦁    Zugspitze Region


You can never get higher in Germany than the Zugspitze peak, which makes it the perfect place for a glorious hiking session. At a 9721 feet altitude, you will literally be above any German citizen, and the view is just stunning. Once you arrive at the top, you will truly have another reason to call yourself an adventurer. The peak signals the point where the German and Austrian borders meet.  On the same mountain of Wetterstein, there are three famous glaciers; Northern Schneeferner of 76 acres, Höllentalferner of 61 acres, and the smallest one Southern Schneeferner of only 22 acres.

There are two routes to follow, either the Valley of Hell or the Reintal. The latter is the easiest one to take, but you will have to face up to 10 hours of continuous efforts. Once you make it to the summit, you will see the weather station which registers all trends in the Earth’s atmosphere. This is also the Mecca location for any lover of winter sports. There are several broad slopes that offer 2198 feet of skiable terrain with six lifts. That’s just a dream come true for winter fans.

⦁    The Allgäu

You have a whole 6561 feet of breathtaking alpine region at your disposal if you have time for The Allgäu region. Everywhere you go, you will never lose sight of beautiful natural landscapes of forests, meadows, hills, and lakes that give the impression that no man has ever spoiled them. Thanks to its many lakes, you have the opportunity to go sailing, windsurfing, and water-skiing. Here, hiking seems always a good idea, as there are plenty of beautiful routes that combine water, cliffs, rustic bridges, and of course nature.


Allgäu offers you the chance to visit Germany’s most famous castle, the Neuschwanstein Castle, which actually inspired the creation of the well-known Disney icon, so you can imagine how close to a fairy tale it is.

⦁    Eifel Nature Park

The Eifel Nature Park promises you 959 milrd of mesmerizing unspoiled landscapes which date from the last ice age 7,500 years ago. This is the home for 1600 endangered plants and animal species. The Wilderness Trail will recharge you with new waves of adrenaline through a four days hiking. The trail will guide you to every type of terrain that the park has. Start at the Monschau-Höfen point and then enter the raw wildlife all the way north and you can even experience the presence of some of its 200 volcanoes, and not all of them are dormant.


You can take in all the intoxicating beauty of the pristine wilderness if you ascend the somber tower of Kaiser-Wilhelm. There’s also the opportunity to climb aboard the Vulkan Express which will take you to all the attractions of this land, including the Roman aqueduct, hot springs, and other amazing sceneries.

⦁    The Climbing Forrest Taunus in Friedrichsdorf


The majestic power of nature can be admired not only on foot but also while floating. This time, it is not a magic trick, but a natural park where you have all sorts of ladders, hinges, bridges to cross the distance between trees on thin air. You can choose between 11 courses for both beginners and experts.

Of course, the most difficult track will charge you with enthralling trials where it’s only your love for the beauty of life and the indisputable magic of nature. You will get to hang at 82 feet above the ground where the world will seem too tiny to take it seriously, but for the faint-of-heart, this will prove to be a little too much.

⦁    Hiking trail Barefoot Path Bad Orb


Your feet will never know what they are missing until they have gone through the entire 2.8 miles circuit from Path Bad Orb. The comfort of an expensive pair of shoes is nothing compared to the liberating feeling of hiking barefoot in the heart of nature. You will get to try almost any kind of terrain, including sand, mud, rocks, water, gravel, and grass.

It will be more of a revelation of your senses where you can feel the nature from a completely different angle. It’s going to be a muddy adventure, but it will be all worth it. You will get the chance to relive some of the most exciting memories of childhood, where you didn’t care about dirty clothes, you just enjoyed jumping in the puddles up and down. The mud might dribble down your face, but it will definitely be an elated face.
So, these are the six best epic adventures that Germany has in store for you. Once you reach these places, you will never want to go back to a regular life again.

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