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7 Nov

Magnificent Art Destinations in Australia

Magnificent Travel Destinations in Australia for Art Lovers

Barangaroo Sydney Australia

Artistic souls will find a lot to look forward to in their visit to the Land Down Under. Thanks to its rich history and multi-culturalism, Australia has a lot to offer to anyone interested in art. So, if you’re planning a trip to this beautiful country, make sure to include some of the most amazing art places in your itinerary and widen your horizons by experiencing breathtaking works of art first hand.

National Gallery of Australia

Canberra might not be on the top of your list when visiting Australia as a tourist, but if you plan to come as an art lover first and a tourist second, this is definitely the hot-spot to mark the start of your visit. This is a place that holds centuries of Australian culture and one can admire various art styles and movements. Whatever you can think of, it’s there, from Aboriginal art to modern pieces. What’s more, the sculptures in the garden will also make this visit unforgettable. You can take your time indulging in world’s countless form of art expressions in this country’s largest art gallery, by stopping by to the lovely café for a bite and rest. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, think again – there is no entrance fee.

National Gallery of Australia

Melbourne Street Art Tours

If there was one place you could go to in search for original art, it would be Melbourne. Thanks to the street artists who work nonstop in various mediums, the streets of Melbourne had been turned into mesmerizing canvases. It seems that the whole city is made of art. You can enjoy some exploring time on your own, or join in local street art tours. The Blender Studios, Hosier Lane, Fitzroy and Union Lane are undoubtedly the main attractions one has to witness if they want to get the full experience of artistic and unique talent that makes this city so outstanding.

Street Art, Melbourne Australia

National Gallery of Victoria

After you’ve satisfied your taste for street art, make sure to visit the National Gallery of Victoria, which, apart from some modern pieces, also holds the works of world renown artists such as Picasso, van Dycke, Degas, Monet, Rembrandt, etc. After this experience, you’ll be more knowledgeable and insightful on the nation’s struggle to find its own identity, too.


National Gallery of Victoria

Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Once you get your fair share of National Gallery of Victoria, make sure to head out to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, for a unique and rare experience. There is only a handful of similar museums in the whole world, which makes this a really special opportunity to expand your knowledge and indulge your fascination of film art. Not only does this museum hold sufficient information and display of Australian film, but it also includes film industry and development of other parts of the world.

Australia Center For Moving Image

Architectural Paradise

The moment you arrive at Sydney you can’t stay indifferent towards the megalithic pieces of art that are Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Harbour Bridge is the largest of its kind, and even pedestrians can enjoy the spectacular view from it. Also, museum on the bridge holds the information on its history. Moreover, don’t miss the chance to visit Queen Victoria Building, built in Romanesque-style fashion, which is an art piece on its own. Sydney holds a lot of art galleries for all sorts of art lovers as well.

Sydney Opera House Art

Best of Asian Art

If you’re a fan of Asian art style, Sydney is definitely a place to fulfill your dreams. Starting with Art Gallery of New South Wales, you’ll be able to experience and take a good look at some of the finest exhibitions of Asian art unlike anywhere in the world. What’s more, to complete this wonderful opportunity to soak up the beauty and intricateness of Asian artists, head out to the University of Sydney University Art Gallery and enjoy some of the finest works.

Art Gallery New South Wales Australia

Go Island Hopping

Even though there’s a lot to choose from when art is concerned in the cities, so much so that you can even book your stay in art hotel in Sydney, you might want to take a break from busy city life and experience the nature’s artistic wonders. In that respect, Australia’s islands such as Phillip, King, Flinders, Bruny, Kangaroo, Norfolk, Lord Howe, Cocos Keeling, Christmas and Tiwi Islands are there to welcome anybody with love for some artistic photography, as well as countless galleries and museums featuring some more traditional works of art, as well as the Aboriginal ones.

Didgeridoo Art Australia

There’s nothing like Australia in the artistic world and this country will definitely leave you wanting for more when it comes to inspiration and creativity. Therefore, plan your trip wisely so that you may include all the spots that you want to visit in your schedule and have enough time to analyze and immerse in this exquisite aspect of humanity.

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