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9 Nov

5 Top Vacation Locations To Get Your Game On

Top 5 locations for gaming enthusiasts to vacation.

If you are a gamer of any kind, chances are that you will be interested in visiting locations that are known as the best places to play their game of choice. Travelling to these locations is great to be able to tick off your bucket list, and it will also allow you to meet other like-minded gamers to share your love for gaming! Here are our top 5 locations for gaming enthusiasts of all kinds!

Las Vegas

Poker Player

If you like casino table games like poker and blackjack, then there are two obvious top gambling locations, with the first being Las Vegas. Las Vegas is widely considered to be the casino capital of the world, with state of the art casinos all through the Las Vegas strip. You may have played these casino games in your home town, but nothing will be as good as the authentic gambling experience you will get in Las Vegas, Nevada!



Macau is the second obvious location for casino game enthusiasts to visit. Macau is an island in Asia, near China and Hong Kong, and it is regarded as the Las Vegas of Asia. If you have already been to Vegas, or want to go somewhere not in the USA, Macau is a fantastic choice of vacation destination. It is like Vegas with a slight Asian twist, but the casino experience is phenomenal and so is the hospitality and general service.

Los Angeles


If you love Bingo, you have to go to Los Angeles, a city that is home to many great places that host Bingo games. However, Los Angeles is incredibly far for a lot of people who live outside of America. So if you would love to visit LA , but currently cannot, here are some uk bingo sites to play at in the meantime!

South Korea

league of legends

For those of you who play League of Legends, you will know that this is a hugely popular online game in South Korea, with many of the top League of Legends players hailing from this small Asian country, such as Duke, Kuru and Smeb. eSports is popular worldwide, but especially so in South Korea, where players are definitely taking advantage of the world’s fastest internet speed! If you visit at the right time of year, you may also be able to secure tickets to the League of Legends Champions games.



While this may be contested, many people assert that London is the world’s best location in which to play Pokemon GO. With gyms at Big Ben and the Savoy hotel, playing this augmented realty game in the heart of London is said to be the most incredibly experience. Also, with all the walking you will be doing, you are sure to save quite a few Pounds on transportation costs while in London!
So there you have it, whether you are a poker player, or a bingo player –these are the 5 top locations for various types of gamers to visit. Get your tickets booked and go explore the world!
Image Source:  Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons